Winners! Tickets For The Upcoming Sherlock Exhibition!

A couple of weeks ago, we announced we giving away ten double passes for the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes. The exhibition is coming to Sydney starting June 3 at the Powerhouse Museum. It's a celebration of all things Sherlock and will also feature a one-of-kind interactive mystery that all visitors can take part in. Pretty cool.

We're here to announce the winners of our competition! Also — did we get the answers faster than those dastardly Gizmodo readers? Read on to find out.

But first, a quick reminder of the puzzles...


Sherlock Holmes was working on this case and had narrowed the suspects down to three people:

1. His Friend Mr Rakesh Gupta

2. Ganpat's wife "Bhawna"

3. His Secretary "Jason Kumar"

All three suspects visited Ganpat on the day of his murder for various reason as they told to Sherlock.

As we know where police fail, Sherlock comes.

He was able to find a note at the corner of the wall. "7B91011" was written on it.

Sherlock wasted no time in announcing the killer. Who was the killer ?


A note is found in the hands of the victim, which reads:

'Second of January, Third of July, Fourth of April, Second of October, Fourth of December'

The note was all Sherlock needed to find out who the killer was. Can you find the killer too?


A man was killed in his office.

The suspects are Edison, Maxis, Jason, Janna, Sofia and Patrick.

A calendar near the man has blood on the following numbers.

6, 4, 9, 10, 11

Who is the killer?

For those of you playing at home, the answers were...

Puzzle 1

Jason Kumar

Puzzle 2


Puzzle 3



And the winners...

1. Rico Hartanto 2. Andrew Couzens 3. Peter Kemppinen 4. Angela Hogan 5. Ian Nichols 6. Simon O'Connor 7. Jack Davenport 8. Ryan Wong 9. Jason Rossiter 10. Adrian Laughlin

Sadly — and this surprised the hell out of me — Gizmodo readers were ever so slightly faster with the answers. More Kotaku readers were right compared to Gizmodo, but they were a little bit quicker.


Congrats to the winners! We'll be in touch. Thanks to everyone who entered


    But how do you get the answers? >.>

    Only one I could figure out was Alice.

      Question 1 and 3 are basically the same. The numbers are months and the first letter of those months spell out "Jason". The 'B' in the first question is meant to be a sloppily written '8'.

        Number 1 was the hardest since it didnt mention the calendar at all.
        But since the going theme was calendar, it wasnt too hard to figure that one out.

        Honestly, that threw me for at least 20 minutes - I got 2 and 3 super quickly, and then spent ages re-reading 1 to see if it was really the same trick or if there was something else I was missing.

    Bah, got the right answers but didn't win. I just saw the article way too late.

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