Yes Thanks, A Video Game Exactly Like This Please.

This isn't a video game yet, these are just GIFs.

But dear lords of video games, watching from your celestial thrones, grant us mere mortals a video game that looks like this, that plays like I want it to.


I mean look at this:

This is a new project by Shedworks, an indie studio working out of London. Daniel Fineberg, one of two members of the studio, actually worked as a programmer on Snipperclips — an awesome game for the Nintendo Switch that you should play right now.

I will be keeping tabs on this project.


    I dig it. Makes me think childhood afternoon cartoons, like Bangers and Mash or Banana Man or something.

    The art style reminds me a lot of a game that came out a few years ago, Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers.

    So a more heavily cel-shaded Journey, basically?

    Last edited 10/05/17 3:56 pm

      The first one reminded me of Race The Sun (in gameplay, not art style)

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