You Can Finish Prey In Less Than 9 Minutes

You Can Finish Prey In Less Than 9 Minutes

As the saying I just made up goes, if you can play it, you can speedrun it. This immediately holds true for Arkane Studios’ Prey, which has been beaten in just eight minutes and 20 seconds. That seems fast. Warning: video contains spoilers.

After smashing through the game in 9:22, a fellow by the name of “Bjurnie” decided they could do better — a minute better, to be exact.

Of course, to get through the game in less than ten minutes, you can’t do it the fair way. As Tank War Room’s Larryn Bell explains, you have to use the GLOO Cannon to “scale up walls and reach out-of-bounds areas outside the space station”, otherwise, you’d spend hours doing to the way the designer’s intended.

Considering the game hasn’t been out that long, I’m sure we’ll see lower times over the course of the next few weeks and months… and eight minutes is already pretty quick.

Prey (2017) Any% Speedrun in 9:22 [YouTube, via Tank War Room]


  • To me this kinda shows playtesting wasn’t exactly comprehensive.
    But bravo for the efforts of speed runners it’s pretty impressive especially since the game has been out like 8 days

    • Well they’re using exploits to finish the game, most speed runs of this type do the same thing. I don’t think this reflects on playtesting at all.

  • Polished AAA games wouldn’t have exploits which enable people to finish it in 8 mins if they were play tested thouroughly.
    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing necessarily, I like the way people can break games to speed run.
    If I was cynical I’d say that companies court speed running by deliberately leaving huge exploits intact.

    • While I agree with you in general, the argument is also there that AAA games have become so complex that its almost inevitable that there are glitches somewhere or another.

      In eras past, you dealty with crates, which had 6 surfaces, and straight corridors. It was harder to find clipping issues, and inevitably it was where those basics werent followed – crawlspaces, doors, that sort of thing.

      With the number of surfaces a modern object having being in the 100’s of thousands, theres just so many clipping issues that can go wrong, and thats hard to program for.

      The designers are going to be too busy on building the game as its intended, rather than finding a specific flaw that only exists in certain conditions.

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