You Can Officially Get Chicken Big Macs From Today

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Dear McDonald's: about bloody time.

Yes, you're looking at a Chicken Big Mac. It's been part of the Maccas secret menu for a while - why wouldn't it be, it's better than a Big Mac after all - but the burger will officially be on the menu "for a limited time only".

It's not just the Chicken Big Mac that's getting the spotlight. Cheeseburger shaker fries are back on the menu as well, or fries with a dried coating of mustard, cheese, ketchup, onions and beef. (And since shaker fries were the only reason to get Maccas fries at all, that's a smart move on their part.)

If it were me, I'd just leave the Chicken Big Mac on the menu all the time. It'll certainly use up those extra McChicken patties. Either way, regular Maccas restaurants and ones with drive-thru are offering the Big Mac As It Should Be from today. Enjoy responsibly.


    i think you posted this to the wrong site mate

      McChicken burgers are important news, I beg to differ

        well i spose they could always be ordered if you think about it :P

        Not really game related though haha

          We've been running food related stuff for a long, long time though. Snacktaku's a great example, and if something locally is happening that people can get on, we figure it's worth letting everyone know.

    no wonder ppl are getting so fat

    they look like hash browns

      I... would be ok with that.

        You sir need to go to Hungry Jacks and get yourself a hashbrown chesseburger pronto.

    Why would this be for a limited time?

    Also Maccas, lift your fries game. KFC and HJ both have way better fries.

      KFC and HJs do chips, not fries. HJs used to do fries, but changed to thick cut chips.

        HJs new chips are terrible too

          Oporto knocking it out of the park still in the chip department, KFC's still my main though. Despite the food, I don't like going to Oporto cause the staff are weird/rejected from the other fast food places/on parole.

          Can do without the middle big mac bun, I don't understand why it's there. It's responsible for 10% of Australia's total excess kilograms.

          They're miles ahead of the tasteless shoe strings they used to be.

          Everyone I know loves them. They are the top out of the 3 main fast food places.

            i've had them twice (second time i forgot) friends i was with hated them too. maybe it's just the store here both times were the same place

    They look like those cheap, processed chicken patties. I think I'll pass.

    Its the Big Mac Chicken Legend!

    How much is it?

      varies between franchises, but $6.65 at my local for just the burger.

        It varies? I thought it was pretty uniform. That's kind of the whole point of going there I suppose. Although I remember the one in Olympic Park in 2000 had jacked up prices.

          Yeah. Always. They're never too different though.

            I guess I just don't visit McDonalds' enough or different places much to notice. It's pretty much at the bottom of my list of places to eat but occasionally visit for the kids.

    "And since shaker fries were the only reason to get Maccas fries at all"
    Hello loaded fries! The best reason to eat fries... Ever!

      respectfully disagree, I do not like the loaded fries at all.

      Their loaded fries are ridiculous. Find an independent burger place and get the real deal.

        I agree with this. Their loaded fries are very average. In wollongong we have Humber Bar which has the best loaded fries.

        And recently went to Guzman y Gomez and tried their fries with chipotle seasoning. It is the best version of shaker fries that I've ever had, totally reminds me of the El Maco shaker fries of olde.

      Loaded fries only exist because Ronald sneezed into a dish of 3 day old fries right at the time upper management were looking for a new idea.

      Source: My overactive imagination the first (and last) time I saw McDonalds Loaded Fries.

    Literally ask for whatever you want within reason and Maccas will make it. They always have and always will. This isn't news

    Don't go to macca's. There's better food to eat. :P

    Sorry Alex, but as a consumer of said item within the last hour, I can only say... move along, there's nothing to see here.
    In addition, I sat in the temporary parking bay for 10mins or so for the privilege and due to the long drive-thru wait the server gave me a free 'salted, caramel pie' as compensation.
    I also, wholeheartedly, recommend you skip those too.

    I already make this by adding my $3 chicken & mayo patty to my Big Mac.

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