You Can Now Play Zelda: Breath Of The Wild With Japanese Vocals

In addition to the big DLC news, Nintendo also released a patch for Zelda: Breath of the Wild today that added something fans have been asking for since the last big trailer: The option for owners of the Western version of the game to play with a Japanese vocal track.

That's now possible with a simple toggle in the game's main menu, which lets you stop playing in your system's language and play in Japanese (and also Spanish, and Italian, and German, and so on).

Note that this only applies to the game's voice acting, not in-game text.

It's a small touch, but since a load of folks think the voice acting in the Japanese version of the game sounds to be a better job than the English dub, it's also a welcome one.

For a quick and dirty comparison, here is the game's big 2017 Switch presentation trailer in English:

And here it is in Japanese:

And here's a compilation video showing the same intro sequence in all the languages you can now play in:

The patch is available now, so install it whenever you're at your Switch.


    Wouldn't mind some Japanese text; might help my learning trying to do my own translation.

      It's annoying, but you can do it by changing the system's language into Japanese.

    this is great.

    speed runners are going to be pissed and happy all at the same time

    Not that I was particularly fussed about the voice acting - other than laughing at how the King sounded like a young guy doing his best "old guy" voice - but is this getting patched for the WiiU version as well?

    Screw the Japanese, imma play it with Italian voices. That or Latin. Best VAs.

    I'm gonna download this just so i don't have to listen to Zelda speak.

    I think anime dubbing has got worse since the 90's and early 00's and that's what BotW sounds like.

    That japanese trailer though, way more epic than id expect from a zelda trailer

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