YouTuber Mods The Last Of Us To Play As Tess Instead Of Joel

Ever wondered what The Last of Us would be like if Joel died instead of Tess? One YouTuber has the answer.

On May 10, YouTuber Freako released a video showing off using different NPCs as Joel replacements. While some of them, like Marlene, he couldn't get to work properly, others, like Tommy and Tess, worked perfectly. Tess's hair physics works, as well as her grunts, and she looks pretty natural with Joel's animations. He mentions in the video that Tess even works in the story, although he's just loading NPCs into the test level for now.

But you can't just mention that Tess works in-game without actually showing it. She's a beloved character for The Last of Us fans. I certainly wish she hadn't been killed off so early. Well, lucky for us, Freako made a mod where Tess takes Joel's place as protagonist and Ellie's surrogate parent:

It's a very polished offering — Freako says in the comments that he made at least one new texture for the video. While the mod isn't available for download, I really wish it was. It would be impossible to replace Joel's voice lines, sure, but there's something really compelling about seeing Tess go on his emotional journey. I like this rough around the edges survival mum, and I'd like a chance to play as her.


    Ever wondered what The Last of Us would be like if Joel died instead of Tess? One YouTuber has the answer.
    And that answer is that she'd have a very deep voice during any dialogue. :P

    So I take it Tess dies?

    Is this important? I bought the PS4 remaster yesterday.

      She dies in about the first 5-10% of the game. She's a fairly minor character over all.

    Given that it would be the exact same script, even with a different voice actor it would be an identical game..... saying that this would make the game better is ridiculous

      So why was FemShep universally considered to be better?

        Only 18% of people played as FemShep, so I'm not sure how universal it was. As for why, Jennifer Hale was one reason, but other reasons (sampled from Reddit) seem to include "hot lesbian sex scenes" and "if I'm going to stare at a character's arse for 40 hours I'd rather stare at a woman's arse".

          Would you expect anything different from Reddit? Just about every review I read said the game and experience was better as FemShep. The OP's point was that as the same game with the same lines, the expetience would be no different. FemShep is a perfect example of the same game, same lines, better experience, and you've not countered that argument in the slightest, you erected a strawman.

            There's no straw man here. You asked a faulty question, the sentiment isn't universal - there are plenty of people who prefer male Shepard, and a lot of people (myself included) who like them both equally for different reasons. It would be pretty naive to think any matter of personal taste was universal.

              You've still not presented a counter to the core of my argument: that a female protagonist delivering the same lines as the existing male protagonist would absolutely be a different experience. FemShep absolutely demonstrates that point. Instead you're focusing on a side issue, popularity or preference of FemShep. Straw. Man.

                So why was FemShep universally considered to be better?
                FemShep is a perfect example of the same game, same lines, better experience

                Granted it's easy to misunderstand things on the internet, but I don't think your comments were particularly difficult to decipher, and it really seems to me that you're arguing the FemShep experience is objectively better, not just different. If I've misunderstood your comments I quoted above, maybe you could clarify them for me? Because from my viewpoint all I've done is respond to the argument you made, not the argument you apparently intended.

                I think it should be obvious that "FemShep is universally better" isn't a straw man when it's a almost word for word what you said.

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                  Put my peen back in my pants? Resorting to ad hominems? Who's butt hurt now?

                  My implied argument by asking the question was made with too much subtlety, for that I apologise. The zeitgeist surrounding the voice acting in Mass Effect is that FemShep's was better, delivering a different experience. This goes directly to the point of the OP. Your picking on whether or not FemShep was universally a better experience, or more popular, is a side issue put forth to distract from that point, because you haven't been able to counter it. That's the very definition of a strawman.

                  I'm done, feel free to have the last word and feel victorious.

                  @finishedlast Alright, so I guess we'll put it down to you didn't communicate your argument properly and decided to get pissy with me for responding to what you actually typed. Good to know.

                Moderation strikes again.

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        I would guess the voice acting move than anything else.... and she can romance Garrus

    Ever wonder if you wouldn't put the goddamn spoiler in the article intro. Ffs. Thanks allot mate.

    I mean.. it's a character model change... That's it, right? Makes essentially no difference at all.

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