100 Things The Witcher 3 Did Right

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If Cyberpunk 2077 gets half as many things right as The Witcher 3 did, I'll be a happy gamer.

Everyone has their own favourite memories of The Witcher 3. I liked my first time wandering through the mountains of Skellige, seeing the sunset peer through the cracks of the trees as they swayed.

But there's plenty of great moments scattered throughout. Downward Thrust has assembled 100 of them and cut them all down to a fairly snappy 11 minutes, which also doubles as an 11 minute explanation as to why you should play The Witcher 3. Not everyone will agree with all of the reasons, but most of them are pretty on point.

Fun fact: if you haven't played The Witcher 3 before, and you're planning on doing so soon, make sure you choose the alternative movement in the settings. It's miles better than what the original.


    I was all set to start playing Witcher 3 this year when I heard it was getting a 4K update for xBoneX, will likely wait and play it then.

    Arghh, pretty much my only gripe so far in my 100+ hours into this game was with the movement, and now you tell me there is alternative movement in the settings!

      This is almost as bad as Nintendo adding subtitles to the Japanese VO the day after I finished Breath of the Wild.

        So it appears I did already have it set to alternate movement settings... I can only imagine how bad it must have been originally.

      There is!?!?
      I bought it recently on one of steams sales but quickly rage quit because the controls were terrible, hurt so much because it was such a pretty game

      It was patched in a month or two after release.

      I kind of like the original movement - it's more realistic - but haven't gone back to it. Video game inertia trumps reality every time.

    Fun fact: I never bought Witcher 3 it its prime, because I was determined to go back and finish the first two and import the save file. It was only last week I found out that really made zero difference, so I picked it up today. All xpacks, etc in EB's Big Red Sale.

    Then see this story...

    So now I get to start the Witcher 3 story, knowing there is an alternative for the crappy controls that would probably piss me off.

    Good game, but I'm a bit sick of games where you can loot everything including wooden spoons etc then later you have inventory issues finding things and weight issues.

    My gripe is the questing system. Wish there was a way to find single ladies in my area... I mean quests that are close by to move on to.

    FYI, I didn't watch the clip as I'm currently playing Witcher 3 first the first time and don't want to see any spoilers

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      If you're playing on PC, there's a mod that will show you all quest markers on the map, regardless of whether it's active or not. I've found it super useful, and it helps me save a lot of backtracking time.


        Wish there was something like that for XBONE. I am the gamer who refuses to move onto the next quest in the main story line until I have completed every other quest first, so this would save me a LOT of time!

    When I played the Witcher III I didn't fast travel except for once or twice. So much awesome scenery and monster slaying just by riding across the breadth and length of the land.

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