13 Stock Images Of People Looking Ridiculous Using VR

The other day I noticed something: iStock has a lot of images of people looking ridiculous. Here are some of my all-time favourites.

I mean, it's understandable — it is literally impossible to look good wearing VR.

But there's levels to this shit...

1. Black Gloves Man

Image: iStock

Great stuff.

2. Man watching 3d virtual pornographic content

Image: iStock

That is literally the name of this image on iStock: "Man watching 3d virtual pornographic content"

3. Happy Man

Image: iStock

The title of this image is 'Happy man playing racing videogame in 3D virtual reality simulator'. The caption is: 'Happy young man is playing racing videogame in 3D virtual reality simulator using headset. Driving car in virtual reality'.

4. Camping Trip

Image: iStock

Just a little father/son bonding time. In the moonlight, in the wilderness, with our VR headsets connected to mother nature itself.

5. "In My Lifetime?"

Image: iStock

Title: Modern granny.

6. Whoops

Image: iStock

The expression of a woman who has trod on an extremely sharp piece of LEGO.

7. Taking Notes

Image: iStock

What is he writing on that paper? I must know.

8. Four Bros

Image: iStock

Just four bros, getting cosy on the couch. Holding tablets for some reason. THEY CAN'T SEE THE SCREEN.

9. Man Playing Video Games

Image: iStock

Title: Virtual Reality Console Player.

PC Master Race FTW.

10. Future Man

Image: iStock

Future man is in the future doing future things.

11. Aging Biker

Image: iStock

This man is doing what he loves.

12. Don't Have Kids

Image: iStock

Who let's kids use VR... at a goddamn beach?

13. Never Forget...

This is the worst one. Easily.


    I would've named 6 "Watching virtual porn" instead of 2... just saying...

      Nah, I think #1 is watching VR Porn.

      The "entertainment" is either on the wall or the "tips" arrive 45 minutes before the rest.

    7. Forget what the guy is writing, what's the guy in VR touching!?

      I think that one is also a "watching porn" picture.

    Is anyone else watching Silicon Valley? The latest episode had a great nod to that Palmer Luckey photo.

      I certainly am, the latest stuff about VR has been awesome.

      Also, Jared's rant at PoopFair. So, so good.

    This just makes me think of the joke in Community:

    "When entering virtual reality, you should calibrate the system by looking at your own hands, then turning them over and looking at the backs of them with a sense of wonder."

      That whole episode was so awesome, it was almost worth the series coming back, minus half the cast, just for that episode.

    Google streetview on my Daydream was pretty hilarious. Gave it to my grandparents and they are looking around their street pointing out all this shit that I cannot see, hahahaha.

      Even after a good number of demos to people I still end up pointing to things to tell people where to go or what to do even though they can't see me. And I hate it :P

    Number 9 looks like someone shoved something where the sun don't shine, and he is starting to enjoy it.

    Number 7: Boobs

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