A Keyboard For Slobs

A Keyboard For Slobs

If you’re the kind of gamer that has a habit of spilling food and drinks everywhere, then you’ll also understand the misery of cleaning keyboards. Good news though: there’s another option on the market for people like you, you slob.

It’s Corsair’s K68 gaming keyboard, a spin-off of the company’s mechanical offerings. Announced as part of Computex, the main difference with the K68 is that it’s spill and dust resistant. It also comes with Cherry MX Red keys by default, which is great for me but hopefully brown, blue and black variants may become available later in the year.

It comes with the same support for Corsair’s turn-my-keyboard-into-a-D.Va-heart CUE Engine software like everything else in their product line, and it’ll start selling in Australia later this year. Corsair hasn’t announced a ten-keyless version yet, although you’d imagine the dust and spill-resistant design will start popping up in other models before too long.

If you don’t mind the full-sized keyboard, it’ll set you back $159. And while we’re on the topic of spills and keyboards, what’s the worst accident you’ve ever had with your gaming setup. (True story: I once had to clean a keyboard because a rooster shit on it. No, really.)


  • Worst accident I’ve had is spilling Iced Coffee on it. Milk is really terrible to clean out of things.

  • Disinfectant wipe are the way to go to clean keyboards.Takes 3-5 minutes to clean my keyboard every 2 weeks with these.

  • I’ve turned three separate corsair keyboards into expensive paperweights with either coffee or beer (plus a couple of leave-it-in-the-sun-for-a-day near misses). This is fantastic news.

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