A Longer Look At Metroid: Samus Returns

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OK, so it's not a look at Metroid Prime 4. But Samus Returns looks neat nonetheless, and it's taking inspiration from all the right sources.

In a developer diary uploaded this morning, Nintendo's Yoshio Sakamoto talked about the design, story and structure of Samus Returns, which will be the first 2D Metroid game Nintendo has released since the Game Boy Advance Era.

"The story and basic structure is based on Metroid 2," Sakamoto said. There's plenty of new elements, like the ability to fire in a 360o arc by using the left-stick and standing still. It's supposedly a feature for boss fights, and Samus will have the ability to parry.

Sure, Samus Returns isn't coming to the Switch. But so far, Nintendo sounds like they're doing everything that Metroid fans want with the game, minus the part where they took AM2R down.

Image: Youtube (Nintendo)

One added bonus: Samus Returns is coming with two new Amiibo, which will feature a "soft squidgy" material. It's a first for Amiibo, and probably destined to be destroyed by small children/monsters.


    I was going to pass in the amiibo, but it's squidgey! It's an squidgey metroid!

    I like the look of this game; it has the better parts of other m, and they're fixing the music.

    The way the camera tilts during parries reminds me of guilty gear's dust launchers, except it doesn't break my mind when it's revealed to not be 2D.

    Now if only they'd put it out on Switch instead of only doing shitty fps metroid's for the console. :| Is it really too much to ask for a 2.5d metroid on a console for full HD play?! :(

      shitty fps! the Prime series is amazing! Retro Studios did a fantastic job translating Samus's abilities to First Person, and built beautiful environments and ambiance. if they're not on board for the 4th installment it'll be a sad day.

        I'm not saying that Prime shouldn't exist, cos I know people love it, but I'm not the only one who would love a proper 2.5d metroid to play again. Ever since Super Metroid, all the 2d's have been handheld only :\

          This will definitely come to the Switch as a HD deluxe thing. I reckon they just needed to give the 3ds that last little bit of love before moving on for good.

          This looks fantastic though and will be a day one purchase for me. How they can produce a game like this on the 3ds specs has me beat.

            "How they can produce a game like this on the 3ds specs has me beat."

            Do you own a 3DS? A lot of 3DS games look that good. Have you played Kid Icarus Uprising or Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon?

    2 things I'd Like to see:
    -'A Breath of the wild' approach to level progression. Down below, enemies are way stronger, so getting health and missile power ups is less a '100% for lols' thing and more a necessity
    - Some sort of small optional thing similar to an arcade mode, to keep replay value (even more) fresh. What if there was a (co-op?) arcadey thing where they take one section of the map (i.e chozo ruins, brinstar etc), and your job is, in 10 minutes, kill Metroids to get power ups before a boss arrives, and then fight them with what you have. Maybe you could set which boss, or what you have to hunt. maybe it's co op, maybe it's a rival. idk.

    I don't "do" Amiibo, buuuuuttttttt, I may have to now.

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