A Look Inside The Art Of Overwatch 

Coming this spring from Dark Horse, The Art of Overwatch is more than 300 pages of the illustrations and concept art that Blizzard produced while creating its frighteningly popular hero shooter. We have four of those pages, and they're quite nice.

As someone who loves looking at Overwatch much more than actually playing, I'm looking forward to Dark Horse's art anthology, and not just for the pictures. Each page includes commentary from members of the development team, and I am a sucker for art with commentary. It's like Pop-Up Video, only without the popping up. Or the video.

Just look at the pretty pictures. Click to enlarge. Right click and open in a new tab to really enlarge.

The Art of Overwatch goes on sale October 24 (October 26 on Book Depository). The regular hardcover edition will set you back $56.15. The special limited edition hardcover runs $113.95 and comes packaged in a magnetic clamshell box with three original prints and a cover that will make you rethink the way you place books on shelves.


    I'm curious, what makes the popularity "frightening"?

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