A Nier: Automata Anime Seems Like A Good Idea

A Nier: Automata Anime Seems Like A Good Idea

If this fan-made sequence is anything to go on, then a Nier: Automata anime could be a very good idea.

[Image: Shiika Sadamasa]

YouTuber Shiika Sadamasa uploaded this 2B sword action clip, showing what a Nier anime could look like:

Sadamasa is a self-taught animator who previously spent four years making a “World Is Mine” music video, which has racked up over a million views on YouTube.

Via Twitter, Sadamasa has been posting images of this latest work in progress. It’s cool to see how the sequence came together.


  • No. The amount of effort and care required to get a product even just on par with the game will never happen.

    • Case in point, BlazBlue The Anime. Ugh. That was fucking awful. Devil May Cry’s anime had some good episodes but was generally bad. How was Bayonetta? I never got around to watching that.

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