After Three Years, Someone Actually Beat Threes

After Three Years, Someone Actually Beat Threes

Oh, you thought Threes was just an endless little time-waster for subway rides and long lines? Turns out you can actually beat the game, a feat accomplished for the first time a mere three years and four months after Threes was first released.

Or, to be more precise, as Threes co-creator Greg Wohlwend points out, that’s 3.33 years.

The game was finished by ThreesPorn, who managed to film the event for posterity:

Their final score to claim the prize was 1,594,458, which is absolutely bananas. Sorry Jason.

Also, maybe this is just me being weird, but while the accomplishment is amazing, the first thing I think of in a situation like this is that I’m glad whoever spent time and effort making that winning animation finally got to see someone enjoying it.