All Our Favourite Cosplays From Supanova Sydney

Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayers: Rei Ushi and Ameno Kitarou

With last weekend's Sydney Supanova drawing guests like Jennifer 'Commander Shepard' Hale, talented Overwatch voice actors Anjali Bhimani and Carolina Ravassa and that guy from Home And Away, Chris Hemsworth, you expect all the local cosplayers will bring their A-game. Spoilers: they did.

Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayer: Soylent Cosplay.
Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayer: N.E.S Cosplay
Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayers: Robbie Carter, @thrillhouse_threads, Liese Luxford and Shelley Peacock.
Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayers: Alita & Arleh, Taigakunn
Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayers: Big Z Cosplay and Asha Keinonen

Aside from all the A-list guests providing top-notch photo ops for costumed fans, Nova also used the con as an opportunity to introduce their two new cosplay ambassadors: Adelaide's Floksy Locksy Cosplay and Brisbane cosplayer CB Studios.

Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayer: CB Studios Cosplay
Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayer: CB Studios Cosplay
Image: Mumei. Cosplayer: Cassandra Bateman.
Image: Mumei
Image: Mumei. Cosplayer: Will-O-Wisps Cosplay
Image: Mumei. Cosplayer: Pseudonym Cosplay
Image: Magic Missile Studios. Cosplayer: Tash Burt
Image: Magic Missile Studios. Cosplayer: Emily Coleman
Image: Magic Missile Studios. Cosplayer: Jessica Luna
Image: Magic Missile Studios. Cosplayer: Henchwench.

And yes, in case you were wondering, Chris Hemsworth did meet his cosplay doppelganger, Thor of Oz:

Elsewhere, a bunch of talented Mass Effect cosplayers in their latex-and-body-paint best got a photo op with Commander Shepard herself, Jennifer Hale.

Image: Steamkittens. Click through for cosplayer credits

To see some of these amazing costumes and more in action, check out Artificial Dogma Videography's amazing video from the event.

Know any cosplayers who haven't been credited above? Chuck it in the comments!


    The Harley with the hammer is me (Double Helix Cosplay -

    The box D.VA is me!! I'm @will_o_wisps on Instagram and Will-O-Wisps Cosplay on Facebook!!

    Did anybody get a photo of the awesome 'Aksis' cosplay that was there on Saturday??? I saw it for a brief moment between sessions and when I went back to get a photo it was gone!

    It was huge. Couldn't even fit inside the buildings.

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the 17th photo down (red hooded figure taken by mumei) is my cosplay of Aragami :) cosplay page is @pseudonym cosplay!

    Hey guys! Yellow bimbette here pictured in The Gaston and his bimbettes cosplay (3rd from the top) whilst names are defs correct - my relevant cosplay Instagram is thrillhouse_threads ^_^

    I have to say, I see Aussie cosplay articles and I inevitably seem to be disappointed as the quality is rarely up to that of our American counterparts.

    I am pleased to be proven wrong in this case. More or less every one of these is absolutely stunning. Well done guys.

    Usually when I see cosplay crossovers they are pretty neat and make sense. I am bit confused as why D.Va and Harley Quinn cross over well? unless I am missing something? Or am I just being an old fart?

    I've always wished cosplay photos relied less on the digital touch-ups and additions; why can't the look stand on it's own without adding in backgrounds and things? I know a lot of it is to put the character *into* whatever they are cosplaying, but it completely takes me out.

      Heya, the photo of me, the Reinhardt, was done by Bullant photography on the showroom floor, surrounded by people and all he used was a handheld lightbox, there is '0' digital touch up on that photo. He's just good at what he does.
      The steam kittens photos were done with just a backdrop as far as I can tell from what I saw.

      Last edited 27/06/17 12:50 pm

        Very well done :). He had a black backdrop set up? Fair enough :). There is a lot of different degrees of aftereffects in the gallery in general; your Reinhardt is pretty sweet. Not so into the highly structured LotR ones, and much more into photography of the pink kitty girl one, as it is actually there, at Supanova.

        I'm sure all the others (including yours) are, but I don't understand why people don't just go do a professional photoshoot, rather than be photographed being clearly at Supanova. All that work involved is worth a professional photoshoot, sure, but it is nice to see the people as the attendees did too.

    I've seen Thor of Oz a few times and he's a big bloke, Hemsworth must be pretty tall!

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