All The Cringeworthy Moments From E3 2017

It's fun to watch all the E3 conferences, but not as fun as looking back on all the moments that made you cringe.

The cringe reel of E3 is an annual tradition, and already people have put together some decent packages. EA, as expected, provided plenty of awkward silences and presenters struggling to remember the names of the games they were presenting. Ubisoft had some K-Pop, dad nerds and references to weed, and Sony avoided most of those by not having anyone talk at all.

Cliffy B asked for a drum roll during the PC Gaming Show and didn't get one, and then followed up by swearing on stage and curtseying. Day[9] asked the audience if he was cool and got the response the internet wanted, and BattleTech dropped a weird reference to penetrating someone from behind.

God bless E3.



    This stuff is hilarious.

    Anthem coop banter was super cringe, I just wanted to watch the action, but the "players" wouldn't shut up.

    Do these people not understand that in most cases a well structured trailer does more for hype than any awkward voice overs ever could? We live in an age where a lot of the people watch these trailers will understand roughly what is going on if everything is presented well.

    It is one of the reasons Fury Road is so good, great action doesn't need a lot of dialog.

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      Agree. The Anthem banter was so horrible to listen to. Even my wife, who rarely cares about anything game related past the price, laughed and made a rude comment.

        Nowhere near as bad as stuff like The Division. This was honestly pretty minimal compared to previous attempts. My missus also picked up on the cringe factor.

    Where do they find these hip dude bros

    That funky gun was clearly too heavy for Miyamoto.

    Cmon the Miyamoto and Yves Guillemot thing was some heartwarming "vintage videogame industry gentlemen not afraid to look silly" shit, don't hate on them for loving fun.

    That Youtuber talking about NFS was one of the cringiest moments of any E3! Did they not rehearse at all? They could have picked a random from the audience and it would have been more engaging.

    the Youtube "content creator" OMG haha

    Looks like whoever made this video made the same mistake on the Doom VFR to Fallout 4 VR transition as I did.

    I, too, thought that a single person was clapping.

    Turns out it was clapping from the percussion section on "Mr Sandman".



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