And You Thought Pixels Was The Worst Use Of Pac-Man

Image: Kotaku

I'm not sure more classic gaming icons should be associating themselves with gambling, given how the last few years have gone. But if you walk into an Aussie newsagent today, chances are you'll see Pac-Man on the counter, ready to gobble up some pills and five dollar bills.

It's one of the new scratchies put out by Australia's official lotteries, so you'll see it popping up across most major metropolitan cities. It's an officially sanctioned creation too: flip the scratchie over and you'll see Bandai Namco's name on the back and the registered Pac-Man trademark.

And you thought Pixels might have been the worst use of Pac-Man lately.

Image: Kotaku

The scratchie will set you back $5. That's if you have zero qualms whatsoever about the whole gambling bit, and don't mind feeding into the idea that other gaming icons should be repurposed for the impulsive emptying of wallets. But hey, you can win three prizes of $100,000, right? And it's not even a particularly fun scratchie to play, as you can see above.

(Note to Nintendo: please do not follow suit.)


    This doesn't make me cringe anywhere near as much as seeing some of my favourite games turned into a Pachinko machine. Konami are the devil.

    My Mum thinks they're okay. Not a fan of the only 3 goes though.

    I kinda want one just as a novelty.

    Pixels wasn't a good movie but it was enjoyable enough that I didn't regret watching it. I'm not sure if that counts as an endorsement.

    This isn't the first time they did Pacman scratchies. I remember them being around 5-6 years ago. I was annoyed as they replaced the Battleship scratchies that I actually used to like. Still a mug's game, but the Battleship ones were fun.

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