Arms’ Helix Is Even More Unnerving In Clay Form

Arms’ Helix Is Even More Unnerving In Clay Form
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Image credit: Adzeitor

People love the characters from Arms. For the most part. One Flubber-wannabe in particular hasn’t gotten much love: Helix. A lovingly crafted clay tribute to the DNA molecule might help change that (but probably not).

“I just want ur love”

This is the character’s origin story accoridng to the ARMS wiki:

“Helix is an anthropomorphic being made of a slimy substance, his arms have the looks of a double helix, the shape of the DNA molecule. Helix seems to have eyes made of LED lights.

He seems to maintain the same expression regardless of situation.”

Created by adzeitor, something about the neon polymer clay statue of Helix seems to lay bare the unassuming and tragic nature of the character. Helix didn’t ask to be created in lab. Helix didn’t ask to become a spring-loaded boxer fighting with Blorbs for hands. Helix is only two years old, after all.

While some people have no doubt eschewed Helix in favour of other, more charming and charismatic characters because of his appearance, he’s also not the most approachable to play either. Willtreaty25 speculates that this is because Helix’s starting weapons are bad and ill-suited to the character’s shifting, flopping movement-style. He’s put together a guide that explains how to properly use the overlooked character.

Poor Helix.


  • Nintendo’s recent character designs are so uninspired and generic. They look like 90s kids cartoons. Compared to their classic designs like toad and koopa etc they are just awful.

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