Attack On Titan Inspired Action Game Looks Dope

Attack On Titan Inspired Action Game Looks Dope

Extinction is a fast-paced game where you parkour and manoeuvre through the air, trying to dismember giants with your blade. Instead of titans, you’ve got ogres. Naturally, these beasts hate humans and you’re the only thing standing in their way.

Developer Derek Neal gives us a short walkthrough of some pre-alpha extinction footage below. While the game is still in the early stages, what we can see thus far seems promising:

The fantasy story is kinda what you’d expect: Ogres threaten to wipe humans out, and you can’t let that happen. The real draw here is the gameplay. You have an array of combos and dodges for the small fry, which seems fun enough. Bigger baddies require more tactics, as you have to chip off armour and limbs before pulling off finishing blows. Ogres come equipped with different types of gear and abilities that they can use to crush you. If you take too long to take something down, the ogre might just regrow its limbs. Or, you might start getting attacked by other creatures while traversing the monster.

Extinction will release in early 2018, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


  • Damn those are big ogres. They probably should have rethought the pants. How many human skins did it take to make those?

  • Seems like a mix of Attack on Titan and Shadow of the Colossus.

    At what point does Kotaku distinguish between “inspired by” and “ripped off”? Seems a lot of Asian games get labelled with the latter while western games usually get described as the former.

      • It’s not just games, there’s a cultural thing in the US that anything they copy is good and anything others (usually Asian countries) copy is bad. It’s particularly bad in movies with things like The Ring, Battle Royale/The Hunger Games, Infernal Affairs/The Departed, Ju-on/The Grudge, etc.

        To me, this game looks like a copypasta of Attack on Titan. It’s close enough I’d call it ripped off, not just “inspired by”. Maybe once the full game is out it’ll distinguish itself more but right now it’s way too similar.

        • Yeah the movie thing was an angle that I hadn’t really considered. Although you missed 7 samurai/magnificent 7. I wouldn’t really count Battle Royale/The Hunger Games as the similarities as not that pronounced. Also more forgiving of movie to book as it makes it harder to do a straight copy.
          I’m not that familiar with attack on titan to say. There is definite influence there but seems different enough to me. That feeling might change if I was more familiar with the series. The game seems like it will play very differently to the attack on titan game.

    • I think in this case it’s safe enough to say inspired by, as the only similarity is ‘giant thing threatens humanity’.

      As a manga reader, I can safely this differs greatly from the direction Attack on Titan went. It depends on where the plot for this goes, but honestly the Ogres seem only similar to Titans at a surface level.

      • I’m more directly comparing against the AoT video game, not the anime or manga. There are more similarities than just ‘giant thing’ though:

        – Premise is to defend the remnants of humanity against giant humanoid enemies
        – Defenders have access to a grapple device to navigate both the enemy and the city
        – Attacks are primarily melee-based and involve dismemberment
        – Enemy regenerates lost body parts in minutes
        – Only means to kill enemy is an attack on the neck

        There’s a lot more to this than just passing inspiration.

        • That’s surface level stuff though, if you take any fantasy setting games and compare them by saying that they all have mages that control the elements, rogues who wield knives and bows, and stoic knights or paladins who together must save the kingdom of Fantasy Land (patent pending), then yes they’re all also rip offs of each other. It’s when these tropes and archetypes are taken, and reinterpreted, that a new iteration can be labelled ‘inspired by’. For all we we know, this could be the start of a new genre of media—similar to the Souls-like.

          The themes and plot of this game can still vary greatly and thus shift it away from being potentially a ‘rip-off’. So until more is known about Extinction’s plot, I think it deserves the benefit of the doubt.

          In general, I agree with the others who have said that the title of ‘rip-off’ is reserved for those products which are made deliberately flouting copyright protection laws, a la Underlook instead of Overwatch (honestly it would be hilarious if that was an actual product).

          Fair enough on the game comparison, I’ve not played the AoT game. Pretty keen on it though, it looks rad.

  • this game looks awful… just horrendously awful. Cease development now for your own good.

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