Attack On Titan's Third Season Airing In 2018

The wait between Attack on Titan's first season and its second one was around four years. Thankfully, the wait for season three won't be that long. Season three will begin airing next year.

[Image: Funimation]

Below is the official teaser for season three.

The teaser is only 15 seconds, but at least it's something.


    Knowing what would be in the second season, I elected to skip it. Will probably get back in for the third season depending on where it falls in the story.

      As someone who's only watched the Anime, what do you mean?

        Second season focuses on parts of the story that feel very filler. There are a couple of plot points here and there, but very overall everything is pretty much unimportant.

          Not having read the manga, I've found the second season to be pretty good so far (I'm a week behind because I don't watch enough anime to justify subscribing to AnimeLab). It seems to be covering a shorter time period in more detail though, which isn't a bad thing given the content.

            All I know is that the manga dragged its feet really hard after the first season ended.

              You've got revelations about who three more titans are, lots of clues about what the deal is with the "normal" titans, and the introduction of the Beast Titan (whatever he is supposed to be). That seemed to be enough to fill out the 12 episodes.

                Two of the titans are obvious early on in the manga (though the anime obfuscates it in the first season). Once again, the manga dragged its feet. Will wait and see if the anime does the same.

          The Anime definitely felt like they dragged out the last 5 episodes or so pretty hardcore. Overall though, definitely enjoyed S2 a fair bit - now got myself thinking about grabbing the Manga to get ahead of the show and get my fill. haha

            Not saying it couldn't be enjoyable, but as someone the struggled through the same patch of the manga, I don't think Icould also watch the anime.

              Ah, so the manga does the exact same thing? Got it.

    Curious to see what they'll do with the Uprising arc as that's generally considered to be the weakest of all the arcs. Not that it's bad, but it's just not as exciting as things like Trost of Utgarde. I imagine being animated and having a kickass soundtrack will help pick things up somewhat.

    I thought the start of Season 2 was alright, although i can definitely agree that the last 4-5 have been very slow going.

    Maybe by Season 4 we will finally get to see how the Titans were made/created and what is in Eren's dad's basement?

    Anyway, I'm honestly just super glad the wait is not as long between Season 2 and 3 =)

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