Battlegrounds Coming To Xbox One This Year

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox One. It appears to be timed console exclusive for this year.

PUBG is a competitive game where 100 people hit each other with frying pans to decide who gets to use their frying pan to cook a chicken. The game's still in early access, but already, it's taken PC by storm — thanks, in part, to how damn entertaining it can be to watch folks stream it. PlayerUnknown himself said it will be coming to Xbox later this year as part of Microsoft's E3 press conference.

Here's what it will look like on Xbox:


    Going to be interesting to see how they balance ranged combat for consoles. The range difference to even games like Battlefield 1 is pretty insane. Also how will they change the equip screen to make it work for controls, you need to be super quick sometimes, so maybe a really fleshed out button layout contextual menu (R1 to equip to primary, L1 to secondary).

    A great many questions in my head about issues caused by controllers in such a fast paced game.

    So instead of getting yelled at by angry Russians you will now get sworn at by angry 12 year olds?

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