Battlegrounds Makes Fan-Made Zombie Mode Official

Normally in Battlegrounds, players crouch behind bathroom doors, waiting to shoot whomever bursts in. A few weeks ago, fans riffed on that theme with Battlegrounds' zombie mode, where instead of hiding in crevices, players gun down hordes of ravenous player-controlled zombies. It was an instant success in the community and on Twitch.


Yesterday, Battlegrounds devs announced that they will be making an official zombie mode for the game. In zombie mode, a squad of players will defend themselves against a server full of zombies. It will be bloody and there will be neck-biting. Check it out:

Initial reactions were mixed. On Twitter, hundreds of fans celebrated Battlegrounds' next play mode. On top of today's news that devs are adding in climbing, vaulting and weather, a zombie mode is just another facet of an increasingly deep game. But a nearly equal contingent begged Battlegrounds devs to just optimise the dang game instead.


    So DayZ then...

      Yeah, cept it doesn't handle like hot shit and runs way better. :P

        I could get behind that.

          It is also super satisfying beating someone to death with a frying pan.

            oh man, the *clang* sound when someone is firing at you and hits the pan is so good!

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