Blizzard Says It's 'Drastically' Reducing Overwatch Loot Box Dupes

Loot boxes are bullshit. Overwatch's are about to become a bit less bullshit.

In a new video, Jeff "JKap" Kaplan revealed his sweet new D.Va jersey — flaunted it, really — and also talked about some stuff. The most interesting detail is a long-requested change to how likely players are to get duplicate items in loot boxes.

"One of the things we're going to do is drastically reduce the rate of duplicates you get out of any loot box," said Kaplan. In other words, expect far fewer of those hideously annoying moments when you crack open a gleaming new loot box, only to get yet another copy of that one Winston skin the game won't stop handing you like a forgetful grandparent who wants to be absolutely sure you have enough jumpers.

As it currently stands, duplicate skins turn into credits, which you can use to purchase different skins after you save up for a thousand years. Kaplan says that, from now on, loot boxes will simply award more credits to make up the difference. "We'll make sure that your credit intake will be at least the same, if not more," he said.

The loot box change is now live on Overwatch's PC PTR, if you want to try it out. Granted, that's loot that will be cosigned to the dumpster of history in the near future, so maybe just wait for the update to go live unless you're really curious.


    They've done the same thing with Hearthstone. Legendary drops from card packs will always be one from the current set that you don't already have, until you have all of the ones from that set. So you can craft a legendary without worrying that the next card pack will drop the same one.

      Sorry, that should read 'they're doing the same thing'. The Hearthstone change kicks in when the next expansion hits, not in effect currently.

    Anniversary box is a good example of a bad event box. The drop rate seemed low so I bought ten boxes (though I opened a tonne from arcade and leveling) and still only got one legendary while getting a tonne of non event duplicates.

    About time. Seriously the legalised gambling of loot boxes and the completely dissatisfaction I feel when I open one, are about the only off things for me in a near perfect game. There is no use offering a carrot to inspire people to kick on, when it is old and rotten.

    After opening 47 boxes (half bought, half earned) last time, I got two dances and two skins. Thats it. Pathetic and highly questionable.

    Great! Finally I can get over my fear of getting "yet another quad dupe drop." The number of times I've gotten these has been staggering.

    Yeah, the person that plays Overwatch in our house was super lucky the last event and got one of the event skins and a voice line/dance he wanted but missed out on the other skin. And that was with getting the available loot boxes for the duration and levelling up twice a day for the levelling loot boxes AND buying some loot boxes out of last minute desperation. I think he must have opened at least 50 or 60 loot boxes. Mostly he just got sprays and dupes.

    Its about time, this game has less satisfying loot boxes than most F2P games. I got 10 free boxes from playing Heroes of the Storm recently and managed to get that classic feeling of Overwatch disappointment in record time.

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