Bruz The Chopper Is A Deadset Legend

Look, the Xbox One X seems okay. Sea of Thieves is alright. Anthem. Sure, why not.

Let's be real here. E3 2017 is all about Bruz The Chopper, the Australian Orc in Shadow of War, the upcoming sequel to Shadow Of Mordor.

At this point I cannot confirm whether or not he is actually voiced by the same dude who was Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo, but every atom in my being is currently willing it to be true.

All I can currently confirm is Bruz the Chopper is a deadset legend and Robbo saw him doing some sick doughies in the McDonalds carpark in Dubbo. No idea how he fit in the car. Bruz is a big dude.

Meet Bruz.

The people love Bruz.

Can confirm.

Yeah uh... sure. Why not.

And of course someone has already stolen @BruzTheChopper on Twitter.

Brace yourself people. Bruz is about to become a big deal.


    I was pretty iffy on the new voices, then the legend appeared and I decided I could live with it.

    Barry Humphries was Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo so I'll be gob-smacked if he's voicing this orc. (I been forced to watch that bloody orange fish too many times)

    Ok, that was fucking glorious! My God! Never let him die.

    He's not a fucking orc.

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