Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Goes Standalone For $70

Last year, Activision included a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with every copy of Infinite Warfare. But lots of people wanted to buy Modern Warfare separately, and now that's finally an option — for seventy bucks.

From tomorrow, Modern Warfare Remastered will be available both physically and digitally for PS4, with "other platforms to follow," Activision says. It comes with the campaign and 16 multiplayer maps.

This $69.99 standalone version of Modern Warfare does not include the "variety map pack" that Activision sells separately for $US15 ($20), so if you want everything, you'll have to dish out even more.


    Ha, even EB have infinite for less than $30, or $70 combined with MWR. How is the remaster alone worth more?

    i haven't pirated a game in so long, but i will pirate this one... wont play it but will pirate it.

    Dont forget those exclusive weapons that can only be acquired in random supply drops! Call of Duty has gone to the dogs.

    $70? But, I can buy the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition for $69.

    You could probably pick up the fancy version of Infinite Warfare (including MW Remastered) on sale for less than $70 these days, couldn't you?

      But this way, you don't _have_ to buy Infinite Warfare ...

    hahahahaha, yeah nah.... How can Activision seriously think they can charge such an outrageous price for a remaster, of a single game, that isn't even complete, unless you spend more outrageous amounts of money.

    Worst product ever.

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    Last year, Activision included a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with every copy of Infinite Warfare.

    No it didn't. It came on the Legacy and Uber moron edition, not the standard edition.

    The only reason this is even newsworthy is that we know there are people out there who will pay this ridiculous festering brown toilet cloud of a ransom fee.

    That's the most depressing part for me, sales practices ever increasingly becoming anti-consumer, yet people must obviously still be wolfing it down/parting with money. Read most sites & the comments are almost unified with their condemnation, yet stufd still sells so can only assume we're the vocal minority.

    You can get the Infinite Warfare and Modern WF edition for $69 at JB. But yes, i'd rather pay more for less.

    Activision, Do you want to become like Konami? Because this is how you become Konami. #FuckKonami

      They already were Konami, have you forgotten what happened to the people that actually made Call of Duty into a household name? Around the time of CoD2/4 Activision were largely just making shitty licensed game tie ins and they seemed to have a pretty bleak future. Then Infinity Ward blew people's minds with Call of Duty 2 and Modern Warfare. Activision were Konami before Konami was Konami, people just don't remember or choose to ignore it because because of fandom.

    haha they are joking...that is just pure greed. It is activision though so its no suprise.

    They are high as shit! Its $44 on Amazon for both MWIW and MWR together! Which is nuts, dont wanna wait? just show the amazon page to Walmart and they'll price match!

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