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A few hours after Microsoft's E3 conference tomorrow, Bethesda will show off its own share of goodies. We can all hope for a new instalment in the Elder Scrolls franchise, but it's more likely to be a showcase of other products under parent ZeniMax's umbrella.

Unlike EA's 5AM showdown today, you don't have to get up quite as early for Bethesda's conference, which starts at the perfectly awake times of 1200 AWST / 1330 ACST / 1400 AEST / 1600 NZST.

Right now, it looks like the best place to catch all the action will be Bethesda's Twitch channel, which you'll find embedded below.

And if you prefer YouTube, here's the embed for that:

Before John Carmack parted ways with the ZeniMax-owned id Software for the digital fields of Oculus, he'd been tinkering away with virtual reality. I don't think it'd be a massive leap to suggest we'll see a few headset-related projects revealed, almost certainly leveraging ZeniMax's IPs.

A new solo Elder Scrolls game might be asking much, but there should be noise for the MMO variant, Elder Scrolls Online and with Arkane Studios fresh off the success train with the Prey reboot, it'd be nice to hear word about what the developer is up to now.

Finally, there's id. The new Doom hit it out of the park, but I reckon we're ready for the veteran's next conquest.

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    All the rumours I;ve been hearing are about a new sci-fi based IP. Would be good but perhaps just wishful thinking.

    It'd be cool if they saved us the suspense and used E3 to announce what avenues of litigation they're going to puruse in the upcoming financial year. Much more efficient.

    well we already know the evil within 2 and wolfenstein 2 are confirmed now just hanging for starfield

    Wait, so it start at 12PM or 2PM for Melbourne time?

    Playing the youtube and twitch stream simultaneously makes the waiting music even better.

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