Community Review: Tekken 7

Community Review: Tekken 7
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The VR mode might not be worth the unease, but fans of the series are pretty chuffed with Tekken 7 so far.

We’ll have our official review later this week after some more time with the multiplayer servers. But for now, the game has panned out largely as expected. Tekken 7 has been received warmly by the community, with the Rage system being praised for not catering too much to newer players.

It’s not all outright praise, though. The lack of a thorough tutorial system is pretty jarring, considering that not everyone has been playing fighting games for a decade or more, and the absence of frame data in the menus is a bit perplexing given the community the game is servicing.

But Tekken 7 has still done what Tekken always did well. The character designs, levels and optimisation (particularly on PC) are pretty solid. The online netcode, in a rare occurrence, has also held up well at launch. I’m curious to see whether Tekken‘s success so far could augur well for the Unreal Engine amongst Japanese developers.

PS4 Pro users get the best result on console (until Scorpio), although as Digital Foundry found the game is locked to 1080p on the PS4 Pro even if the console is outputting to a 4K TV. Tekken looks cracking at 4K on PC, mind you, although you’ll need good GPU for that kind of performance.

How have you found Tekken 7 so far? And for those getting into it, how much experience do you have with the franchise?

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  • It’s great. I spent all Saturday playing it, either with a friend or unlocking customisations in Treasure Hunt.

    It’s faster than I remember. And yes, the previous games had a thorough tutorial system. Not sure why it was left out of this one.

    Akuma looks boss and plays good too. Lucky Chloe is brutal. It’s all really great. That polish, that music, the quiet dignity of some of those arenas. Love it.

  • That treasure hunt. Been saying “Just one more game” and it was at 9pm. Next thing i know I am saying just one more rank. Then I’m saying just one more rare chest. Then it’s 1am. Zzzzzz

  • I’m loving it but I’m still salty about the Lei omission. Not sure if it’s a regional thing but I have constant communication errors when trying to join ranked matches.

  • I’m a huge fan of the Tekken series since the first games, however this long anticipated release is a fail in my opinion.
    On the plus side the fighting mechanics are solid and heaps of fun to master, but that’s about it.
    Firstly, the vr content is a joke. If you’re not going to do something right, don’t do it at all.. It’s merely a vr compatible practice mode or a character viewer and looks sloppy at best.
    The online mode barely works and you spend most of your time in lobbies waiting for a fight. But I hope you’re ready to wait because you can’t leave the lobbies by choice. I actually had to close the application in order to exit a lobby and restart the game.
    The treasure mode works like a survival and it’s not bad, but the lack of team battle, force mode, tag battle or any special modes unique to Tekken just makes the game feel incomplete.

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