D&D's Biggest Livestream Event Happens Tomorrow

Dungeons & Dragons' biggest livestreaming event ever goes down tomorrow. Stream of Annihilation will be two days of D&D games played by the game's designers and big fan personalities. Throughout the stream, publisher Wizards of the Coast will dole out info on D&D's next storyline.


It was fans who spurred publisher Wizards of the Coast to launch the weekend event. Over the last year, the popularity of Dungeons & Dragons livestreams has skyrocketed. Viewers watch charismatic personalities from voice actor Matt Mercer to Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins improvise their way through intense diplomatic negotiations or trap-filled dungeons on Twitch channels such as GeekAndSundry and PennyArcade.

Fans enjoy watching players react to curveball plot points and near-death battles in real time. Also, since two playthroughs of one storyline will never be the same, watching D&D on Twitch can be a little less predictable than watching a video game stream.

Wizards of the Coast says they're celebrating that excitement around D&D livestreams. They have contracted artists, actors and fans to fly out to a Seattle studio for the Stream of Annihilation. Every two hours, another game will start. It will be a good way to get introduced to the wide variety of D&D streaming groups out there, since nearly a dozen will feature, including Australia's Dragon Friends at 9:30AM AEST on Sunday. The stream kicks off Saturday June 3 3:00AM AEST, and you catch it here.


    I always want to watch these streams, but they are so time consuming. Might have two check one of the runs out.

    All their costumes that episode were great, but Matts was a step above.

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