Destiny 2 Hits PC In October

Destiny 2, a video game that just got un-delayed, will hit PC on October 25, developer Bungie said today. The PS4 and Xbox One versions, meanwhile, will arrive two days earlier than expected, on September 7.

The beta for Destiny 2 will go live in July. PS4 players will get it starting on July 19; Xbox One players will get it starting on July 10; and PC players will get it in August. "Further details on the PC beta to come soon," Bungie says.


    No change on the 'no dedicated servers' line, I take it? I'm not interested until at least that changes.

      Yeah, they explained that. It's not as bad as it sounds. Apparently they just don't like using the term "dedicated servers"... but... they are basically dedicated servers LOL

      All good! Should be a massive improvement from Destiny 1.

        I saw the blog, putting movement and ability use authority on the clients is a terrible choice in my opinion. I wrote a slightly longer explanation in TAY if you're curious.

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