Destiny 2 Is Getting A PC Beta

Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

And hey, no big deal. You only have to download 68GB of data to play it.

This is Australia people. I don't have the NBN yet!

[Weeps uncontrollably]

Here's how we know it's 68GB:

That's the patch notes, please note the part that says 68GB storage space required. That's a big number.

When is the PC beta? We don't have a solid date just yet, but the console dates are solid.

As per Bungie's official website:

Also, Bungie confirmed the game's release date today. The console release has been bumped to September 6 for consoles. The PC release is fast behind on October 24 although, interestingly, Blizzard ANZ twitter account said the game would be released on PC on October 25.

The Twitter account is probably accounting for the time difference. Australians live in the future after all.


    I have NBN (FTTN) but it's the PS4's incredibly slow download speeds (on ethernet as well as WiFi) that are the issue for a game that big. I hope we can pre-load the beta otherwise, I'll be spending all weekend watching it download without managing to even get in.

    Also, this is being released on the same day as Splatoon 2!

      yeah something wrong with your settings then mate. I'm using a stock standard Huawei modem that the ISP gave me and connected via ethernet and downloaded close to 100GB of games and data on my PS4 overnight in about 10 hours. I'm on 25/5 NBN.

    68GB, what??? Is that normal for PC games these days?

      40-60 has been average for the past few years now for AAA new releases

    While I've been promised that a technician will be coming out "soon" to hook up my NBN, if they don't allow any form of pre-loading I don't know if I'll be able to play. That's an incredible amount of data for a Beta.

    I doubt you'll need to download all 68GB for the beta, but I can't say I'm overly surprised - D1 on PS4 is currently about 55GB, and GoW4 was 80GB on PC at launch.

      Download size is 131GB, it compresses it onto the console HDD to save space. ;)

    Halo 5 takes over 100GB on my x1s external hdd. I have FTTP because I planned our life and house around getting good internet, so not phased.

    let's see how smart Bungie is. Since they are using blizzard's launcher, they can do what blizzard does and just stream a significant chunk of it.

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