Destiny Action Figures Are Like Fancy Dress GI Joes

There's a new line of Destiny figures coming from McFarlane, and these ones are both smaller and a lot less expensive than the current option.

Look At These Destiny Action Figures

This glory is what $US190 ($256) ($US252 ($339)) of action figure will get you, Destiny fans.

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Out later this year, the figures will be 7" tall (except for Lord Saladin, who is 10"), very articulated and come with a range of the original game's most famous weapons and accessories (one of the Titans, for example, comes with Gjallarhorn).


    They do look pretty cool, like the halo figures did.

    got a good chuckle at the article. "will have very good articulation", good one, this is 2017 mcfarlane we're talking about they don't do good articulation, they last 3-4 years of halo figures could barely do more than stand. And honestly looking at these they actually look like they might have worse articulation, take note of how dynamic and awesome all the posing in the photos is.

    But if you just want them for a cool looking desk piece you don't want to actually move around they look very nice.

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