Diablo 3’s ‘Challenge Rifts’ Will Use Data From Previous Runs To Create Global, Static Rifts

Diablo 3’s ‘Challenge Rifts’ Will Use Data From Previous Runs To Create Global, Static Rifts

Diablo 3‘s end-game content is all about rifts. Normal rifts, greater rifts, empowered rifts. There’s a lot of rifts. One more will be added to the gear-farming pile once the game’s next patch arrives, with the introduction of “Challenge Rifts”.

Rather than just upping the health and damage on mobs, painting them a different colour and tossing players once more into the inter-dimensional breach, Challenge Rifts will present a “static” test for players, drawn from previously-completed Greater Rifts.

If that sounds confusing, allow Blizzard’s “Nevalistis” to explain:

To create a Challenge Rift, we pull a Greater Rift run directly from a player’s account. Once we have that snapshot, we make that exact character, including their items, paragon levels, skills, and gear available for everyone to play.

That’s not all. Pretty much every aspect of the rift will be replicated, from pylons to enemies. The idea is to beat the original completion time, after which you’ll receive a “satchel filled with bounty and crafting materials and some Blood Shards”.

The announcement goes on to say that Challenge Rifts are meant to “break the mould” of Diablo 3’s randomisation-heavy gameplay.

If anything, they should give you some way of measuring your own abilities, outside comparisons with those on your friend list.

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  • I remember wanting this back when they first introduced rifts. How could you compete with someone who is paragon 1000 with ridiculous gear if you’re only paragon 100 and a random mix of gear. This is how! Create a genuinely even playing field where all randomness is removed and it truly becomes skill based.

    I’m not sure I’ll play challenge rifts a lot. It probably depends on how well I do. If I suck at them I think I’ll lose heart and give up 😛

    • I expect it will be played mostly when new meta’s emerge, or maybe near the end of seasons when the leaderboards are pretty static.

      Not sure how often I’d play them myself, I’m pretty happy just bouncing along doing things my way, but anything that adds an extra option has to be a good thing. Right?

      • Definitely, I’m all for adding extra game modes. These give you a way to get crafting mats without doing bounties so at least now there’s two ways to get crafting mats. I’d like to see more stuff added, I’d love to see user created levels. But we’ll never get that 🙁

        • Ah, user created levels. Some games just feel they could get a lot out of it, and with D3 how it is these days, maybe it could. But some engines feel like they could pull it off pretty easily.

          I thought Guild Wars was the right sort of game where player content could have added a lot, and City of Heroes did it pretty well towards the end as well.

          D3 is a different sort of game to them, but it might be a way to introduce competitive map making. Map of the week for this sort of competitive play maybe? Maybe limit the size and let people drive a PvP product.

          There are ways it could work.

          • Yeah when you have similar games like Grim Dawn or Torchlight (and older ones) allowing modding and map making it’s disappointing that none of the Diablo games ever had it. I don’t think they’ll ever let it happen because of the online only nature of the game. But yeah, I don’t see why they couldn’t take a Snapmap (Doom) type approach were users are restricted somewhat when creating maps. Just so you don’t wind up with stuff that’s too crazy, or offensive or whatever.

            Maybe limit it so you can’t create new zones in the “world” of Diablo but you can create custom rifts. That way there are no problems with breaking lore.

  • Makes sense, this what most modern procedurally generated games with leaderboard modes do. They take a seed and then have everyone compete using that seed.

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