Diamond Toys Unveils Marvellous SDCC-Exclusive Ironheart Sculpture

Get ready to be jealous if you're not attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con, because Ironheart's gonna be there... or at least this awesome sculpture of her will be.


Marvel has unveiled two of its upcoming Diamond Select Toys sculptures for San Diego Comic-Con, which will be sold exclusively at its booth #2607. The first one is a 25cm sculpture of Dark Phoenix of the Uncanny X-Men, hovering over her Phoenix symbol.

Sure that's cool (the red hair looks great), but I'm all about the Ironheart figure from artist Phil Ramirez, which shows Riri Williams levitating like a boss in her glorious Iron Man-esque armour. Everything about it is gorgeous, from her amazing hairstyle to the impressive facial design, as well as the armour itself.

Of course, there will be additional SDCC exclusives announced in the coming weeks, including plenty more from Diamond Select Toys, but this one is pretty high on my "Hype List". San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 20 to 23.



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