Doom Is Coming To VR

Doom Is Coming To VR

There hasn’t been much VR news to talk about this E3, but Bethesda just changed that. They’re bringing 2016’s Doom to virtual reality headsets.


  • The problem with this is that it slows the game down an awful lot – and Doom is supposed to be fast. It looks sort of cool (and I’d give it a go) but from the gameplay footage, movement is slow and sort of clunky.

    It doesn’t look like it works as well as Fallout 4 VR.

    • Doom was all about pace, it was pretty much required at higher levels of difficulty, in return was a good balance of power fantasy and punishment for poor plays. This looks like it is really forgiving which makes the game a lot less interesting.

    • I have read quite a few things over the last year or so this has been showcased which said the movement is excellent for VR games. A big improvement on the standard mechanics of VR shooters.

      While you can’t tell in the Fallout VR video, it also apparently uses a point and click locomotion system. We don’t get a demonstration of how it’ll actually work in game in that video. One assumes just as clunky as every other VR game. Movement is not great for environments.

  • Farpoint worked very well with the alternate smooth turn movement switched on. Just rock from leg to leg while moving to give yourself some camera sway and Bobs your fathers brother.

  • Freedom Locomotion VR on Steam – A very good example of non-teleport movement in VR. I used it for over 30 minutes with only minor motion upsets, and I’m quite sensitive to bad motion in VR.

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