Dragon Ball FighterZ Looks Like A More Nuts Marvel vs Capcom

Dragon Ball FighterZ Looks Like A More Nuts Marvel vs Capcom

One of the crazier looking trailers during Microsoft’s E3 conference this year was Dragon Ball FighterZ. But rather than follow up on the battle formula and style of the Xenoverse games, FighterZ is going more down the Marvel vs Capcom route.

Unlike the 3D Xenoverse games, FighterZ is a 2.5D fighter between two teams of three fighters. Some of the fighters can level up and powerup – for those than need to transform, like Cell and Frieza – and the other members of your roster can assist on-screen.

Ultimate attacks will also change the environment if they connect with a character (see 22m 14s), although the game won’t ship with one-hit KOs.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom was always fantastic to watch – but sometimes incredibly hard to follow visually, only because there were so many explosions and effects on the screen. Dragon Ball FighterZ is going down the same route. With Dragon Ball.


  • Finally… after having to play the 3ds version of the 2d fighting game for so long trying to relive my SNES days. I can finally move on to this.

  • They’ve managed to flatten the look even further than in XRD, which makes the game even more spectacular when it tilts into full 3D. Love those dust launchers and supers.

    The background destruction is amazing.

    They seem to have beaten MvC at team play, and it will doubtlessly be less annoying than UMvC3.

    I just really need this to come to the switch, but i will settle for a ps4 version.

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