Every Big Game Coming Out In Winter 2017

Every Big Game Coming Out In Winter 2017

We already have more awesome games than we can possibly play, so why not add a bunch more? Here’s all the big games coming out this winter.

Illustration by Angelica Alzona

June 24

Ever Oasis | Action-adventure | 3DS

June 26

Secret World Legends | MMO | PC

June 30

Breath of the Wild: The Master Trials | Action-adventure, DLC | Nintendo Switch, Wii U

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy | Platformer | PS4

Valkyria Revolution | RPG | PS4, Vita, Xbox One

July 11

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age | RPG, Remaster | PS4

July 13

The End Is Nigh | Platformer | PC

July 20

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy | Puzzle, Adventure | iOS, Android (3DS coming later)

July 21

Splatoon 2 | Multiplayer shooter | Nintendo Switch

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star | Action RPG | Nintendo Switch

July 25

Pyre | RPG | PC, Linux, PS4

July 29

Hey! Pikmin | Platformer | 3DS

August 1

The Long Dark | Survival | PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4

August 2

Tacoma | Narrative | Xbox One (August 3 on PC, Mac)

August 8

Lawbreakers | Multiplayer shooter | PS4 (August 9 on PC)

ARK: Survival Evolved | Survival | PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

August 15

Agents of Mayhem | Third-person shooter | Xbox One (August 16 on PC, August 18 on PS4)

Sonic Mania | Platformer | PS4, Nintendo Switch (August 16 on PC, Xbox One)

August 16

Matterfall | 2D shooter | PS4

August 23

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy | Action-adventure | PS4

August 25

Madden 18 | Sports, Football | Xbox One, PS4

August 29

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle | Turn-based tactics | Nintendo Switch

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen | Turn-based tactics, Expansion | PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4

Hello Neighbour | Stealth | PC, Xbox One

Yakuza Kiwami | Action-adventure, Remake | PS4

August 30

Absolver | Martial arts | PC, PS4

August 31

Life is Strange: Before the Storm | Narrative, Episodic | Xbox One, PS4 (September 1 on PC)

September 6

Destiny 2 | Multiplayer shooter | PS4, Xbox One (October 24 on PC)

Knack 2 | Action, Platformer | PS4

September 8

Culdcept Revolt | Strategy | 3DS

September 14

Pro Evolution Soccer 18 | Sports, Soccer | PC, Xbox One, PS4

September 15

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider | Stealth | PC, Xbox One, PS4

NBA 2K18 | Sports, Basketball | PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

September 16

Metroid: Samus Returns | Action-adventure | 3DS

September 19

Marvel v Capcom: Infinite | Fighting | PC, Xbox One, PS4

September 22

Pokken Tournament DX | Fighting | Nintendo Switch


  • I’m picking up just about every Ninty release for switch each month. They are killing it.

    • Yep, there’s a lot of Nintendo coming out:
      – Metroid: Samus Returns
      – Mario x Rabbids
      – Pokken Tournament
      – BoTW DLC
      – Splatoon 2

      and that’s before Mario Odyssey!

      • Aww yeah, I’m having all of those, and MHXX. So many hours of my life…

        Also, curious that mario x rabbids comes out on the same day as xcom 2 dlc.

        • I’m hoping MHXX will have an English translation from the Generations Western release – I’m super keen to try it out having never played a Monster Hunter, but don’t think my high school Japanese could hold out for a full game!

          • I’ve played so many that i don’t really need to read at all, but it would be murder to play your first game in Japanese.

            I’m still holding out hope for a western release, the localisation script is usually very entertaining, and the home console bigger screen and comfortable controls make the game SOOOOO much better.

            3U on the Wii U is still my favourite MH so far.

            World will be nice, but i kinda still want the portable option. The switch is the only game in town for that.

          • XX is just a re-release of X with a scattering of extra content, right? I don’t see why they wouldn’t localize it in that case since the bulk of the work was already done.

      • I think Enslaved was the only one of there games I have played but I did enjoy it

    • I should probably play the first one eh? I grabbed it cheap during the last PS4 sale a few months back, but haven’t touched it yet.

  • Aw man I’ll be in another country when Destiny 2 drops. I know it doesn’t really matter but I like being a day one player. It’s a sickness.

    Of course part of that is knowing how much my clan will be lololol-ing all the way around the galaxy without me. Sad times.

    • It’s not, but June, July and August are, and considering they make up the majority of the list, I’d say it’s fair to use.

  • There just literally aren’t enough hours in a week for all the games i’d want to buy out of that lot & others I know are coming – it’s what makes me so surprised during E3 week;

    In one comments thread people will jokingly complain about backlogs and how many games they’ve bought but not played, in the next they’ll lambast a company or two for not having enough games in their conference or enough games available on each console…

  • Ohhh right, I see why Destiny 2’s date was moved forward 2 days – they didn’t want to compete for attention with Culdcept Revolt. Makes so much sense now.

    Though to be fair, Knack 2 is gonna give it a run for its money!

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