Everything Nintendo Announced At E3 2017

Nintendo made a bunch of hopes and dreams come true today at E3. After a seemingly endless wait, they finally announced Rocket League for Switch! Oh, also Metroid Prime. They announced a new Metroid Prime.

Nintendo has got these pre-recorded E3 videos down to a science at this point, and this year was their usual mix of already-announced games and fun surprises. It was an appropriate conclusion to a generally low-key run of E3 press conferences.

Let's break down everything they showed.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Sure Is A JRPG.

I'm not going to pretend the new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was anything more than another JRPG trailer, but hey, it's literally the only JRPG to get any play during an E3 conference this year. It's coming Holiday 2017.

There's A Kirby Game Coming To Switch In 2018.

Stephen will be psyched about this one. I've never gotten super into Kirby, but I've edited enough of his reviews over the years that I definitely want to play one. This will probably be the one.

Game Freak Is Making A Pokémon RPG For Switch.

In other news, the sky is blue. Still cool news, unless you're a soulless monster who hates Pokémon. (Just kidding Jason, I can't really get into Pokémon either.) Nintendo says it may not release for more than a year.

Holy Shit, They're Making Metroid Prime 4.

On the one hand, I guess we all knew this day would come. On the other hand, holy hell. This was my (and a lot of other people's) "it will never happen but sure" prediction for this show, and it actually happened. Absolutely zero additional information beyond a title card, however. It's not even clear if Retro is making the game. Hopefully we'll find out more soon.

Switch Will Get A New Yoshi Game In 2018.

It looks pretty cute, and that's about all I have to say. I will play it.

Breath of the Wild's First DLC Is Coming June 30.

Honestly, I'm as psyched about Zelda DLC as I am about anything else in this press conference. The first of two expansions will be out in a couple weeks on June 30. You can read a full breakdown of what's in it here.

The second, larger expansion is called The Champions' Ballad and will feature the four champions of Hyrule. They're each getting their own Amiibo, too, which... shit. I might have to finally buy an Amiibo. That DLC is still scheduled for "Holiday 2017."

Rocket League is coming to Switch!

This is fantastic news, though it would be even cooler if I had some friends with Switches. Then we could live the dream by meeting up at a BBQ and having local Rocket League tournaments. Still, whatever, this is an awesome game and it will be great on Switch. It will be out holiday 2017, and will feature Mario hats for car customisation.

Super Mario Odyssey Looks Weird And Good, Coming In October.

Nintendo closed the show with a weird little demo of Super Mario Odyssey, which they also have playable on the show floor. It looks completely weird, and the central mechanic involves Mario throwing his magical hat onto enemies and possessing them.

As a side note, I SO hope the entire soundtrack consists of jazz vocalists singing about how fun Mario is. Odyssey will be out on October 17, because October really needed more big games to play.

Couple Other Things: Reggie talked about the Splatoon 2, Pokken, and Arms tournaments they're hosting during E3 week, and we got a story trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors.

That does it for Nintendo, which does it for all the E3 press conferences. Now it's time to head to the show floor to play these games and talk with the people making them. Stay tuned for ongoing E3 coverage all week.


    You forgot the new Metroid game coming out on 3DS. A 3D remake of Metroid 2: Return of Samus, revealing why the fan remake was killed.

      revealing why the fan remake was killed

      They shut down all these things to protect their IP.

      Well that's quite a leap of faith. I don't know what the term is for when two unconnected events are somehow linked, but you've just done it.

        Leap of logic? Jumping to conclusions? Grasping for... serendipity?

    And what a let down. Was waiting on Xenoblade before I bought a Switch but it looks generic as all hell. Metroid is likely quite a ways out still. Pretty disappointed with Nintendos showing overall really.

      Generic? I'm not really sure what you were expecting then.

        I mean this Xenoblade looked more like a generic JRPG than any of the others before it. Loved Xenoblade Chronicles and X but this.. Could have been any generic JRPG. What makes Xenoblade? Big ass monsters and mechs. We saw some big robot monsters but eh. Just not what I wanted to see from the series. Character design was fairly average so far as well.
        And seems to be a fairly standard response from fans of the series from what I have seen.

          I enjoyed X but will steer clear of this. But everything else Nintendo showed looks great.

    im pretty happy with all of this.

    Stoked about Metroid 4.

    I want a reason to buy a Switch. But a bunch of ports, RPGs I don't care about, cutesy crap and promises isn't going to do that. They got my interest with a core Pokémon RPG and Metroid Prime 4 announcement but there was no footage to show it off, so that interest died quickly.

      Nintendo are weird with their reveals. It's either something that's a long way off, or something being released within the next few months

      One reason....Breath of the Wild. Probably the best game I have played in years and 100% a reason to own the console. Forget any of todays announcements, the best reason is already available to buy.

        Here's the problem with that... I'm not a Zelda fan. Sorry to be one of the few sacrilegious monsters who doesn't get excited over all things Zelda related. It's just not my thing. I've give it a good try with the Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening, Link to the Past, Ocarina of time and even Twilight Princess. I just never really seem to get too far into it. (The furthest I've gotten in any of the games was dungeon 4 in Legend of Zelda)

        Not to mention that if I want an open world fix with great landscapes, great story telling and compelling main character; I've got Horizon: Zero Down to scratch that itch.

          I feel ya. I have a friend who hates Zelda's, to him it felt meaningless and the dungeons were just chores, the furthest he got was back in the SNES days, a link to the past, but that was because he had nothing to play. However he tried Breath of the Wild and actually really loved it enough he went out and bought a switch to play it. Is he a convert to Zelda? No, he will never play the ones before it, he can't relate. But he definitely loves Breath of the wild.

          Also, great story telling Zelda isn't. But if you have a friend who has a switch, have a good sit down with Zelda for an hour and try it. Worth having a look. It is still very different from Horizon and other open world games. There are elements in it that no screenshot or video can really portray properly until you yourself are just wondering around and doing anything you want.

          cough* Not trying to hard sell you or anything. :P

            Just to throw another contradiction onto the fire, I would consider myself a big & long-term Zelda fan, yet I struggle to muster anything more than mild enthusiasm for BotW;

            A fantastically realised game world with some great mechanics that are interspersed with some - and this is obviously just my own personal opinion - ruinous design decisions that make a lot of the game - for me - a chore. Coupled with a threadbare story it's been a massive disappointment for me & well and truly overshadowed by other games out this year. But then for other people it's the best game ever which is awesome for them - if they have anywhere near the affection for it I did for Ocarina etc or other games then I'm happy that it hasn't gone to waste at all.

          I can't stand the poor design of all past Zelda games. But Breath of the Wild is already considered the greatest game of all time and Horizon doesn't make the top 10.
          If you love Horizon, then BotW will be your next 1000 hours.

            Greatest game of all time? Hardly

    Nintendo could have done a lot of good by showing off their latest iteration of the web service/virtual console.

    How small and/or inefficient are Nintendo's dev teams? At least get some quick Wii U ports out to satiate current Switch owners desperate for a new game. Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros, and Mario Maker; which is an obvious pairing with the Switch.

    I can't even say I'm disappointed. I fully expected their E3 showing to be lacklustre.

      I agree, I wish they hadn't shown off all these new games and just pumped out some ports of games we already have.

      It's not like there's ARMS, Splatoon 2, Zelda DLC, Mario + Rabbids and Mario Odyssey this year or anything.

        I think his entire point is "this year", instead of you know, available at launch.

        Don't think the sarcasm is necessary, but each to their own.

        Expectations of Nintendo are so low that even a paltry showing like this has garnered praise.

        I love my Switch, and I love Nintendo games. But I won't concede that Nintendo's E3 showing was anything other than poor. Seven games. SEVEN!

        * Pokémon...announced with essentially no information.
        * Metroid...just a logo.
        * Kirby...who asked for this?

        It's frustrating because they could have smashed it out of the park.

        Speaking of...where was Smash Bros?

          Speaking of...where was Smash Bros?Staying out of the spotlight. It's ARMS' time to shine.

          I fully expect Smash 4 DX by next year or something.

      yeah! how dare they reveal a new metroid after a 10 year break. Also a new mario and new Pokemon game.

      seriously, what do you want? Strongest showing at E3 this year and they don't even do E3 properly

        Unfortunate that all it takes is a title screen and an idea respectively to satiate people.

          We got confirmation this stuff is coming. I'd much rather that than think we might not see it.

        "...they don't even do E3 properly".

        Exactly my point.

          Exactly why i love them, they do everything differently

      Wait, you want ports and Web features rather than all these new games?

        Sorry if I wasn't clear. I assumed 'in addition to' rather than 'instead of' was implied.

        I am of course glad Metroid and Mario are coming.

    Pokemon release.
    Very interested - looks like a card nintendo want them to play when the sales are down.

    Well, that's the lot of them. Nothing to rouse my interest in any of this year's press conferences, only three games I might buy and one of them's Madden.

    Very disappointed in Bethesda and Nintendo especially - there's nothing at all to be interested in from two places that I expected strong IP out of.

    I really enjoyed what Nintendo showed, although I quite like jrpgs & have somewhat eclectic taste in games.

    To be fair they were damned either way, read comments around the board and people are really split - if they'd gone the other way and done a lot of remakes then some would have been happier but then they'd inevitably have been criticised by a different crowd - as has already been the case with 'Mario Kart/Zelda' being denounced for being Wii U ports.

    Nothing wrong with being disappointed per se, can't control how you feel - but i do wonder with a lot of the negativity what exactly people were expecting. I myself don't think this was the most exciting year, but some of the negative reaction I've seen sugggsts rather than getting new games, people have been told they'll have to forfeit their consoles and watch daytime tv instead?

    Last edited 14/06/17 9:48 am

    I find the lack of enthusiasm for Nintendo's presentation a bit confusing. As far as First party, we got New Yoshi, Metroid, Kirby, Mario, Xenoblade Chronicles and Pokemon (I know people were banging on how it was an open secret that they were developing a Switch Pokemon game, but people have been saying that since the Nintendo 64). Nintendo's third party support took a hit with the Wii U, so pumping out all these tried and true games series early is going to boost developer confidence. The only things I would really would have loved to have seen was them to announce that Shin'en Multimedia was making an F Zero game.

    A portable Skyrim and Rocket League on a really LAN-able console seem like big bonuses, too.

    Yeah, I'd love to have seen a new IP there, but getting this many of the "one game a generation" games out early, means that the big N will have more space to experiment later on the the cycle.

      Don't forget, Retro still has something cooking, what on earth could it be if not Metroid? Pretty sure they aren't doing another DK.

      I think it was a stellar showing, way, way better than I was expecting.

      The only thing missing was Pikmin4 which may be being kept for a rainy day? Animal crossing is the other one people are after but since that team has been busy with Splatoon 1 and 2 I wasn't expecting it. Hoping it will make a showing next show.

      ARMS is new, even if we already knew about it.
      Odyssey and Mario + Rabbits are whole new takes on existing characters, so much so that they are really new game IPs featuring existing characters.

        Oh yeah, Mario and Rabbids actually looks really good. I haven't played any games in that style but it looks great and will of course be accessible because Nintendo.

      The issue is the year+ time after console launch. Games generally take 2-3 years to make. The complete lack of games on Switch screams "we fucked up, we thought WiiU was dead, we pulled it early and dropped Switch a year early".

      ..Which then leads to the question of wtf were they doing in the meantime, since there's also 'no' WiiU/3DS games recently.

        I suppose. I don't have a Switch yet (lack of cash), but I've highlighted Breath of the Wild, Ultra Street Fighter II, Puyo Puyo Tertis and Binding of Isaac all as games that have already been released that I would buy in a heartbeat if I did own one, which would be be enough gaming hours to justify the purchase up until some of these games start getting released.

        If your system is sitting there, not getting used, I understand your disappointment of less immediate releases

      Also, don't forget that almost every non-exclusive game announced for the other platforms in the previous days will have a Switch port. 3rd party confidence is already worlds beyond that of the Wii U.

    The Yoishi game looks so cute!

    And Mario Odyssey looks better & better. The possession mechanic looks well done, so hopefully it works well in the actually game.
    Nice to get a full Mario game again, not just short puzzle levels.

    Was hoping for a new Captain Toad game this E3 but hopefully it's on the books.

    More new IP would be good but new IPs that aren't copying existing games are pretty rare from the major companies these days.

      I'm still baffled as to why people like Yoshi. As in the character, not his games.

      Did no-one play the original Mario Kart? He is a git, and will remain a git forever. Crapping his horrible eggs all over the track and making that irritating noise as he zooms past when you've inevitably hit another of his bum productions on the final lap. See? Git.

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      Oh look, the same shitty comment all over again. Surprise.

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          You only get out what you put in. Or something. Who knows, this is the internet.

            Same characters, but not the same games for the most part.

    We've seen Mario turn into a human honey bee and even as a ghost in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 and we've seen Young Link using powerful masks to transform himself into a Deku a Goron named Darmani and he even transformed into the legendary Zora guitarist Mikau in The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask but in Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch I think it's a dream come true for him to use his cap to transform into certain objects even turning himself into a giant dinosaur I probably name him Godzilla wearing that Mario cap and his black mustache so I can't wait to see what Super Mario Odyssey has to offer when it comes out in October and as for other games like Rocket League I can't wait to see what the games like when it comes out in 2018 along with Yoshi so looking forward to getting Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo you derserve the thumbs up well done

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