Everything Sony Showed At E3 2017

Sony just wrapped their E3 2017 press conference, where Insomniac's Spider-Man almost managed to distract from the fact that they didn't announce Bloodborne 2.

Not a ton of new stuff for Sony, but they did keep with the current trend of showing games that are coming within the next year or so. Let's break it all down.

We Got A Closer Look At Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

It looks like more Uncharted. It was really just another trailer for a game that's out in a couple months, but hey. I pretty much think all games should star Claudia Black, so I am in favour this. It's out on August 23.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting an expansion.

It's called The Frozen Wilds, and I am all for it. Especially since I'll finally be able top lay with no headgear. It's coming later this year.

We Got A Longer Look At Days Gone.

The post-apocalyptic game is being made by Sony Bend (side note, I took a holiday out in Bend lately and it's a really beautiful place). This game has a lot more stabbing and strangling than real life Bend.

The game looks like it will let you manipulate zombie hordes into taking out camps of human raiders, adding an emergent/stealth element to the game.

Monster Hunter is coming to PS4.

The widely loved Monster Hunter series is coming to PS4 in early 2018 in the form of Monster Hunter World, which, yes, OK.

Shadow Of The Colossus Is Getting Remade For PS4.

This isn't just some remaster, this is a full-on remake headed up by Bluepoint Studios. It looks really good, with all the expected modern graphical bells and whistles. As a bonus, we already know the game is good.

We got another long look at Call of Duty: World War II Multiplayer

To be honest, it kinda just looks like Battlefield 1 with Nazis, but I know a lot of people are hyped about it. It's out November 3.

There Was A Big Reel Of PSVR Games.

The games included: Skyrim (!), a military shooter called Bravo Team, a game called Star Child, a psychological thriller called The Inpatient, a FF15 fishing VR game (lmao) called Monster Of The Deep, and a neat looking fantasy game called Moss where you play as a little mouse.

The New God Of War Gets Up Close And Personal

This was the first we've seen of God of War for a year, and we got a lot more of a sense of what it will be like to play the game. The camera is now over Kratos' shoulder, which puts you right in there when he rips things apart.

Kratos is still the saddest dad in video games, and is embarking on a journey with his young son. It will shock you to hear this, but I think this game is going to have a lot of graphics. Sony says it's coming in early 2018.

Detroit Is About Sad Robots Becoming Mad Robots.

David Cage's Detroit looked slick as ever, but also slightly awkward in that David Cage-y way. You play as an android leading an uprising in a corporate controlled megacity, choosing your path through the story. Hard to get a read on how it will feel to actually play this one.

Spider-Man Mixes Stealth, Action And... QTEs?

Insomniac's Spider-Man game is looking hot, and strongly influenced by Rocksteady's Arkham games. The demo had Spidey taking down some of Wilson Fisk (Kingpin)'s thugs atop an under construction building, using a mix of stealth, environmental takedowns and straight-up fighting. There was also a QTE that made me think of this.

The game looks impressive, though the action-packed (and QTE-packed) back half of the demo almost felt more like watching an an Spider-Man animated short. Not totally clear how some of that stuff will work when you're playing it. At the very end of the show, they showed Miles Morales taking photos of Spidey's web. Cool. It's coming out in 2018.

A Couple Of Other Things: The makers of Until Dawn showed a new co-op mobile horror game called Hidden Agenda, Undertale is coming to PS4 and Vita (woo!), Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is coming September 19, and a new Destiny 2 trailer along with a PS4-exclusive strike and some exclusive gear.

And that does it for Sony. We're almost done with the big E3 press conferences, but we'll be back all week with all sorts of additional E3 coverage.


    Spiderman looked friggin awesome!

    Sorry, you forgot the Vita again.

      I find it funny that Sony is all like "Most people will probably want a Switch with their PS4" like it's some kind of adopted handheld son that they lavish with toys and grand meals while their real handheld son is locked in the basement with rats and hard bread.

        Let's get real. There is no hard bread.

        Even though I laughed at your comment, I am crying on the inside.

      Wasn't Undertale just announced for Vita?

        They said "Vita" , but I assume they actually meant "Switch".

        Apparently. Though the trailer and tweet about it show nothing but PS4 love.

        As a side note, if all the Vita gets is one game announced by Sony at E3, I think we can be fairly depressed about the state of things.

        Sony doesn't even notice the Vita long enough to beat it with a stick on the walk past.

    Bloodborne 2 isn't happening.

      Im at work so I couldn't watch but was there no game from From? Was the only thing i was looking forward too

        Nope. We may have to wait until TGS or even next E3. I wouldn't count on a Gamescom, PGW or PSX announcement.

          super disappointing. I wasn't expecting BB2 like most people (but I would have lost my shit if it did show up) but was really hoping to see what From have been up too.

        This is underwhelming AF. I wanted a FROM announcement too.

    of note (for me), Destiny on PC is coming out 1 month later on Oct 24th with beta hopefully in Aug

    good to see Bungie somewhat committed to developing a decent PC game

    What the fuck Sony? Spiderman is shit, where's Bloodborne 2 :( they had a teaser trailer saying The Last Of Us 2 would be shown in some capacity am I missing something?

      While I would also like to see Bloodborne 2 or The Last of Us 2, I thought Spiderman looked more interesting than I had previously thought it would be. The traversal and web-slinging in particular looked like good fun. Not so sure about the melee.

      They will show TLOU2 at PSX to get year round release coverage. From have said there will not be another Bloodborne, they're doing a new IP which might be at PSX if it's exclusive.

        I swear Sony had a trailer for E3 just a few weeks ago and TLOU 2 was in it. From never said they wouldn't either, its way too vague and also, its From. Miyazaki also said he didn't want to do anymore dark fantasy games before announcing Bloodborne.

    Slightly disappointed that the Switch gets a port whilst the other consoles get something fresh.

      As per my reply below, it actually didn't look that impressive to me. Graphically it wasn't anything to be amazed by and the world looked dull style wise but the latter may just be me having grown accustomed to the colours and aesthetic since it hopped onto 3DS.

      It was interesting that this is being labelled World and not 5 meaning that's probably still in development.

        Ahh, missed your reply by a few minutes. Thanks for the insight.

      Capcom have obviously had a lot more time to pump out Monster Hunter World for the PS4. Its probably been in development for a few years where Monster Hunter XX Switch has probably only been in development the last year or less.

      If the Switch version of MHXX does well - im sure they will continue with more on it. Then again, thats provided Capcom releases XX outside of Japan.

        It is bizarre that this was such a big western announcement, yet the XX Switch has not been confirmed outside of Japan.

      I would fall over from surprise if MH5 did not appear on Switch. Sony has enough going for it that it would not be willing to pony up the sufficient funds to make it exclusive. If Vita were a serious competitor to 3DS or Switch then that may be a different story.

      MH5 in development, and I predict a 2018 reveal with a 2019 launch for Switch and possibly 3DS, no PS4/Xbox/PC.

      MHXX is just put out to give Switch players something MH to play for the next year or two.

    It was a decent showing by Sony. It's definitely been a tame E3 thus far, and as a Nintendo fanboy, guess I'm looking forward to what they'll show tomorrow.

    One thing I wanted to point out was how mediocre MH World looked. Maybe I've just become accustomed to the colours since the series hopped onto 3DS but yeah, everything in that trailer just looked extremely dull.

      Agree about MH - whilst watching I couldn't help but compare the combat to Horizon & thinking how tame the battles look in comparison.

      >sigh< stoopid double post, sorry

      Last edited 13/06/17 1:27 pm

    Bit disappointing about the lack of Destiny 2 stuff. Oh speaking of Destiny watching the Spider-man thing made me think it was a Taken Prequel. Shame also about all those quicktime events. they are NEVER fun.

    Woo Monster Hunter, it's coming out on PC too... eventually. But I'll want to see some gameplay before any more woos.

      And Xbox. Major Nelson made sure everybody knew about it on Twitter as the conference was happening!

    So did the plot to Detroit change

      Different perspectives maybe? Because the android police negotiator from the original trailer was shown in this new one. That or yes, they decided to shift the plot direction from the law side to that of the "resistance".

        I like the detective part so i hope it is still in it.

          It'll probably be the intro

      There are three perspectives: Kara (the android from the first reveal), Connor (the hostage negotiator) and now Markus.

    Hyped for Spider-man.

    Also lol FFXV is an embarrassment to the industry.

      Don't you diss mah fish!

    Not really impressed... So Monster Hunter World is coming to Xbone and PC as well - which leaves only Horizon's DLC I really want.

    Really disappointed with both MS's and Sony's E3 now. God are we going to have a trifecta and have Nintendo's suck as well?

    Exhausted, I need a lay down after watching Spiderman....

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting an expansion.
    It's called The Frozen Wilds, and I am all for it. Especially since I'll finally be able top lay with no headgear.
    Eh? No headgear? What headgear?

      It's one of the perks in the latest patch: the option to equip armour sans headgear. Only affects visuals, not stats, AFAIK.

        I've kind of grown attached to my weird, backwards, upside-down wooden horned helmet thing.

        But yeah, the option is there now - not sure why the author implied it will be something new for the DLC. :/

    Oh Call of Duty. Sure you're textures look nice but your animations are still looking very dated. Same goes for the Audio. Battlefield just can't be beat there...

    God of War has been a great series... but I am REALLY worried about the animation in this new game. It reminds me of the Mortal Kombat games in a lot of ways.

    The biggest offenders are the stiffness and the fact that Kratos seemingly slides EVERYWHERE, regardless of the surface he's on, just so he can be at the animated range for a particular attack.

    (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t06Dkdg6fEo)

    Last edited 13/06/17 4:03 pm

    No knack 2? I figured that would be in for sure.

    To be honest Spider-Man looks very similar in a lot of ways to the previous very average Spider-Man games from last gen. yeah it's pretty......but I'm very cautious.

    I'm back onboard for god of war.

    Days gone looks great if I can muster the energy to actually play it. Looks stressful.

    Uncharted looks like more of the same. I'm cool with that.

    No TLOU2 either? Hmph.....

    I was really happy with Sony's conference, would have loved to seen whatever from software is working on but still a lot of games that I can't wait to get my hands on.

    Also slight edit to the spiderman part: the villain shown (the guy with the sword and shadow powers) is Mr.Negative, he is a fairly recent spiderman villain and it was his men that spiderman was beating up. He was saving Fisk's men though who were being attacked buy Mr.Negative's men who I guess was trying to take over Fisk's turf while he is in prison.

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