Everything You Need To Know From Microsoft's E3 Conference

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Well, we're one major conference down and it was... interesting.

Well, it's was fairly bog standard as E3 conferences go. Cars drove, zombies shuffled and guns shot at stuff. Still, we got our first proper glimpse at the Xbox One X and Anthem looks fantastic.

Also: Bruz The Chopper.

Here's everything you need to know.

Hardware Stuff

Image: Kotaku

Microsoft Announces Xbox One X

Here it is!

The Xbox One X Will Cost $649 In Australia

Big number, but to be expected.

Take A Look At The Xbox One X


Xbox One Will Get Compatibility With Original Xbox Games

People love these announcements. Sure, why not.

Game Stuff

Assassin's Creed: Origins Finally Announced For Real, Set In Egypt

He has a bird now.

BioWare Shows Off Six Minutes Of Stunning New Shooter, Anthem

This looks amazing.

Forza 7 Is Coming On The Xbox One X

Wouldn't be an E3 conf without a Forza announcement.

Tacoma Hits Xbox One And PC On August 2

That is actually quite soon, and I'm super keen.

Crackdown 3 Stars Terry Crews, Out November

Terry Crews shouts a lot.

BioWare Shows Off Six Minutes Of Stunning New Shooter, Anthem

Probably the highlight of the show so far.

Bruz The Chopper Is A Deadset Legend

lol jks, Bruz is.

Sea Of Thieves Looks Better Than It Ever Has

It looks super good.

Battlegrounds Coming To Xbox One This Year

Good news.

General Stuff

Image: Twitter (Xbox)

Microsoft's Xbox E3 2017: The Liveblog

Alex is very good at Liveblogs so I recommend this.

Rewatch Microsoft's Xbox E3 2017 Conference Here

Rewatch the whole thing here.

We'll update this post as time goes by!


    Ummm, how about a shout out to a new Ori game? How the fuck does that get missed given its an actual exclusive??

      Not to mention the best looking thing in the whole presentation.

      Yeah, i am surprised by how little attention it got. The trailer was stunning.

      Cant wait for it.

    Meh......move along people nothing much to see here. Definitely didn't have the big new IP M$ needed to stay relevant.

      MS are still relevant - their OS powers the vast majority of gaming PCs. They're losing a bit of ground in the console arena but people will still buy this.

        You're right. And it baffles me as to why Microsoft aren't using their OS advantage over Sony. A console that ran from Windows and enabled the user to use something likeWindows 365 would be great. Of course it is then a PC.

          They won't, because it adds a performance overhead to run any useful form of Windows - and even then, your average console gamer probably already has a PC (probably a laptop for portability). A console is geared towards entertainment - trying to expand outside of that is going to result in a product that does neither particularly well.

          We already saw a little bit of that with the Xbox One - MS tried to do way too much and ended up with a second place console. The PS4 does very little outside of gaming and Netflix etc - but it does it very well.

    I didn't mind it. Nothing mind blowing but a few more games than i expected which was good. The 'OX' price range is about where i thought it would be. Anthem has potential but i need to see more first.

    * Looking for new names for the XboneX. Thinking bonex. Clearly they'd prefer 1X or OneX. But I strongly suspect the reason for the name is this:



    * Amused that AC:Egypt has a drone.

    * Anthem is high-rez Firefall by Bioware. I'm in. I'm annoyed that more people don't even know what Firefall is(/was) to make the comparison, because as far as comparisons go, 'the division meets destiny' is utter balls.

    * Sea of Thieves had me... up until what looked like a PVP encounter. Why do you developer people always ruin good multiplayer things like this? Fuck off, Sea of Thieves. Fuck right off.
    Actually, while you're fucking off, don't come back until you've got some proper textures. You and all your fucking mates who are trying to go for the Rime aesthetic. Ecstatica 2 was TWENTY YEARS AGO. We don't need to be going back to textureless polygons but with prettier lighting. This minimalist shit is going to be the new pixel art trend, I swear.

    * Yeah, I wonder how long we'll keep Bruz... seems a lot like one of those scripted situations like with Ratbag. Either way, I was sold on this the day they fucking announced it. It's nice to see a little more, but it's not actually possible to add more hype.

    * The 'didn't pay enough for a feature' montage made it look like the boneX was getting at least a dozen new MOBA-likes. Jesus Christ. Suicidal fuckers... There are no more seats in that lifeboat. Just a whole bunch of drowning fuckers losing their grip on the side as the ocean chill takes them.

    * AnimeSouls actually had a trailer months ago, but I'm still hyped. Let's do it, post-apocalyptic anime soulslike. You are my type.

      XboneX sounds like the name of some person who can't think of an original name in a game and has to put Xs or numbers in it.

      As soon as a game has boob armour I just...nope it will be a studio stuck a decade in the past and will have nothing good or original in their game.

      When they announced they would have all these "exclusives" I assumed 3/4 of them would be great looking indy games with derivative gamplay, and then boom, montage that looked like the "best of Steam Greenlight"

      *puts hand up* I ... I know what Firefall is (and played it even) :D

        You and me both. I have a founder beanie! Maybe the other three people who played it will turn up and we'll have an impromptu reunion!

    More i think about it, exclusives wise MS seems to be constantly courting multiplayer, with Sony pursuing more single player.

    Maybe that's why I feel more and more like I'm being pushed away from my Xbox-based comfort zone towards my PS4?

    Fable went MP before being canned, even Crackdown seems to be all about the MP now. I've got Battlefront etc for my MP fix, i don't need it in every game?

    I just want that Dragonball Z game.

    and Metro Exodus.

    Was there nothing about Halo of any sort? i thought they said a while ago that while there wasn't gonna be any halo 6 they would still have some interesting announcements. Disappointing

      Halo 6 E3 2018.

        Did they actually say that? or are you just guessing. and if they said that, is that seriously all they said?

          They said they would have "a little something"; and they did have a render of the Master Chief helmet in 4K on the X announcement video at the beginning.

    If the Xbox One X can genuinely support 4K, 60fps at reasonably detailed graphics settings, I'll eat my hat.

    For $649, that would be absurd. $2.5-3K gaming PCs still struggle with that.

    But hey, if it's true I'll be first in line.

    I am unreasonably keen for Metro Exodus, though. I adore that series. Probably the best single-player campaign focused FPS' I can think of.

    Last edited 12/06/17 12:42 pm

      Metro Exodus shaping up really nicely. Loved the first 2 so am super hyped for it.

      Metro was great. Better after I read the books.

        I read the books after playing the games, might have to go back and revisit the games now that I understand more of the story/universe. Especially if you're saying it was better after you read the books.

      It is only 60fps in forza, everything else will be 30fps (until maybe the next halo), the RX 580 can play most games at 4k 30fps at medium settings which is what they'll be doing, they never said it would be doing what you said.

        I'm pretty sure in the presentation Phil Spencer said it would be able to run games at 4K, "often at 60fps". Granted that can mean games like Minecraft, but it wasn't just FM7.

          that would be indie games and stuff. basically no AAA games other than Forza and maybe halo will be 60fps. Unless they have way more of AMDs new Vega secret sauce than has been let on, which is plausible given the time of release.
          Also im pretty sure only Xbox first part tiles such as forza and halo have to be native 4k, other developers could use the new magic upscaling techniques to give headroom for 60fps though i find it unlikely many will.

    $649... I don't know.

    My first reaction was that it's way too expensive for a console. But on the other hand we're getting a 4K 60fps computer for under $1000, which is tremendous value.

    Would I get one? Absolutely. Just try and think of the XboneX as a cheap 4K computer rather than an expensive console and hopefully you won't feel like you're being price gouged.

      Exactly how it should be viewed. The cost of a GTX 1070, which is barely competent at native 4k, is still $500 at its cheapest - and that's the GPU on its own. Add in the other components and any competent 4k gaming PC for current gen titles will end up being more expensive, with compromises to image quality (bringing it closer to what the XBOX will probably turn in).

      I'm still unconvinced that it'll output native 4k (even at 30 FPS) for most titles, but I'll wait and see. If it does - then it's absolutely worth the price of admission.

        They keep babbling that it's true for Forza 6 (or 7 I don't know) so it possibly true for at least one game at this moment in time

        It will definitely handle 4k at 30fps because they wont change the 'settings quality' of the games, it'll still be the equivalent of medium maybe on a PC.

    I don't mind the $649 price. I'm glad it's not $999.

    If it was, it would be the PS3 all over again.

    The Bonox is a right monster all right. Amazing that it fits into such a small box. I think the price is right, considering what it does (12GB DDR5 RAM is great).

    Problem is, it's just not worth it for what's on offer, or more specifically, what's NOT on offer (all the Sony first party stuff).

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