FIFA 18's Story Mode Has Co-op And Cristiano Ronaldo

Everyone in the football universe is talking about Alex Hunter, from pundits Men in Blazers to Ronaldo himself.

In a story trailer for the upcoming game, FIFA 17 protagonist Alex Hunter is dealing with the weight of fame, as everyone wants to know what his next move will be.

A GameInformer post expanded on the story mode's new features. Though Hunter is still the star, you can play through the story mode with a friend on a per-match basis. The world will expand to include new characters and real-world players as well, and you can customise your Hunter with all manner of cosmetics, from shoes and pants to tops and tattoos.

The story mode will be broken up into six chapters, each with their own objectives, and will follow Hunter on a global scale, from Brazil to the States. You can also pull in your FIFA 17 save, where your personality and trophies will be represented in the new campaign.


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