Fine Art: 2017's Best* Video Game Concept Art 

As is tradition around the time of E3, The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) have announced a selection of pieces for the Into the Pixel exhibition, a collection of some of the best concept and promotional art in video games.

Fine Art: 2016's Best* Video Game Concept Art

Every year, around the time of E3, an exhibition called Into The Pixel is held, which celebrates the work of professional video game artists. With a panel made up of veterans from companies like Blizzard and 343 Studios, it's a great way of recognising the best work in the field.

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Judges for the 2017 edition (which includes pieces publicly released since last year's show, which explains why some older/future games are represented) of the show include Blizzard's Senior Art Manager Seth Spaulding and Campo Santo's Lead Artist Jane Ng.

All 14 pieces will be auctioned off during the week of E3, with funds raised going towards the ESA and AIAS Foundations.

You can see all 14 selections below (or, if you're at E3, they will be on display at the show from June 13-15). Note that as usual, while there are AAA blockbusters represented, there is also room for smaller indie and mobile titles as well.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.

The Legend ofJingwei by William Wu

The Banner Saga 2 by Igor Artyomenko (Artist) & Arnie Jorgensen (Art Director)

Creature Quest by West Studio (Artists) & Heather Poon (Art Director)

Destiny: Rise of Iron by Sung Choi

Gwent by Anna Podedworna

Homeworld:Deserts of Kharak by Brennan Massicotte, Cody Kenworthy (Artists) & Rob Cunningham (Art Director)

Inside by Playdead Art Team

League of Legends by Riot Games Worldbuilding Team

League of Legends by League Art Team

Prey by Fred Augis

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow by Tri Nguyen

Rime by Peter Boehme & José Luis Vaello

Superhot by Marcin Surma

Uncharted 4 by Nick Gindraux (Artist), Robh Ruppel & Erick Pangilinan (Art Directors)


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