Fortnite Enters Early Access, Six Years After Getting Announced

Fortnite, a building survival game developed by the folks at Epic Games, will enter Early Access on July 25, the publisher said today. It was announced on 10 December 2011, so it only makes sense that it'd enter Early Access now.

The game will be out for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Mac. Here's a new trailer:

Fortnite, perhaps best described as a cross between Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, has undoubtedly gone through some development struggles over the past six years. As the game's creative director, Darren Sugg, said in a press release today: "Bringing Fortnite to life has been a true labour of love by a talented and dedicated team over many years."

I played the game at a press event in 2015 and thought it was just fine. We'll see more of Fortnite at E3.


    Looks very cool, reminds me a bit of the basic idea behind COD Zombies, but taken to the next level and given a good dose of spitshine.

    Very keen to check it out.

    I am glad they post poned releasing the game, the original design looked kinda boring. The new gameplay at least looks like there is meant to be more than simply tearing down buildings to make defences.

    Actually, I like the look of this. Will see if my friends want to play with me.

    Actually looks really fun. But is this online only or can you play this singleplayer offline as thats probably a dealbreaker for me. Also where they talk about different 'heroes' were they microtransactions or things you find in game?

      Judging by the trailer, I doubt there is an offline mode: with talk of collecting heroes and loot, I wouldn't be surprised if part of the business model is to sell loot boxes or currency of some kind. That would also fit into Epic's stated goal of having continuously supported and growing games, rather than discrete products.

        Yeah thats kinda the feeling i was getting, a bit disappointing especially when its not free to play, i hate that its become a massive thing to have a full price game and still lock tons of content behind more paying. Will keep an eye on it but im very unlikely to buy it now.

          It isn't obvious whether it is free to play or not.

          For Epic's other "game as a service" Paragon, you needed to spend money to play during early access, where you were essentially buying access to the game plus a collection of microtransactions.

    It certainly appears like its going to be a buy it, then also buy our micro transactions. I saw it on a article on gamerant that the game is $39.99 US, but it still certainly sounded like at least some of it was microtransactions but i hope not.

    Been waiting on this since announcement. Don't have any of the supported platforms. FML.

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