Forza 7 Is Coming On The Xbox One X

Forza 7 Is Coming On The Xbox One X

The first game designed with Microsoft’s new Xbox One X in mind was shown off at the company’s E3 presser today, and it’s Forza Motorsport 7. Here’s the debut trailer.

Note that just because this is being shown off with the Xbox One X in mind, it’s also coming to the Xbox One and PC as well. Forza 7 is out on October 3 on those platforms, and “Holiday 2017” on Xbox One X.


  • Yep, I’ll buy this. Will be interesting to see how Forza 7 shapes up against GT Sport.

    • At least Forza 7 has an actual release date. Who knows when GT Sport will be released..

  • I love Forza but I feel I’m being overloaded with the yearly origianl/horizon rotation they seem to be throwing at us now – still only half way through the two previous releases so will have to skip and pick up next years Horizon.

    Guess Forza was an inevitable/obvious choice to show off the sparkly 4K machine now i think about it?

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