FRAMED Is Free, Again


If you're gearing up for the release of FRAMED 2 soon, you might like to know that the original is free on iOS right now.

It's not available on Android sadly, but the good news is that you can get FRAMED on iPad, iPhone or Apple TV for nothing right now.

Pretty good deal if you're looking for something to play over the long weekend, or if you're just bored. The game is a 357MB download, so you'll want to use the office Wi-Fi if you can or a landline connection.

For those who are hunting around for a new mobile game - what have you been playing recently? I got into NBA JAM again the other day, but found myself really hankering for the oldschool versions. Something about that 4:3 aspect ratio just makes the court seem more welcoming.


    Dammit, I just bought this last week and haven't even played it yet.

      It's a great game. Be happy that you are supporting the developer by giving them some cash :)

    I got Framed last time it was free, and it is such a great game!

    I've been playing Dawn of Crafting, Kami 2 (almost finished!), Bit City, and a few others. But mostly I've been playing Polytopia. It owns my soul right now.

    Hitman Go is on special at the moment so I finally picked that up and it's pretty darn good

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