Get Ready, The Next Steam Sale Is Coming

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Were you looking forward to saving some money? I'm sorry. Now isn't the time to do that - and that's because the next Steam sale is kicking off tomorrow morning.

The date was announced earlier this week by, you guessed it, PayPal:

It's almost the exact same time Steam's summer (our winter) sale started last year, are chances are it'll run for a fortnight as well. That won't be officially confirmed until Valve's storefront updates (around 3:00 AM AEST / 1:00 AM AWST / 5:00 AM NZST), but usually these things tend to finish off around Independence Day.

We'll have a round-up post tomorrow with some of the juicier discounts, but until then you'll do well to keep an eye on SteamDB's sales tracker. There's already some 90% discounts for the Serious Sam games, and if you want some 4X action Galactic Civilizations 3 is going for a song at $US4.49.

What games have you got on your wish list, and what discounts are you looking out for when the next Steam sale kicks off?


    Too bad Steam has become pretty much the most expensive store to shop for games.

    There was a time when Steam sales actually meant something. For the last couple of years, however, the discounts haven't exceed anything one normally sees during Steam's various publisher-based weekly sales several times a year.

    Further, almost everyone's sales are now the same as, or in many cases, cheaper than Steam.

    For some time Valve haven't even made any significant effort to include any kind of event around the exercise, so there is even less incentive to care.

    The only real item of interest to me at this point is that, with GST about to be imposed across the board, this looks like the last Steam sale I'll be paying any attention to at all. In the future I'll likely be focusing on smaller retailers who don't have the volume to trigger the need to remit GST to our Canberran overlords.

    What does amaze me is how inertia from an event that was once great continues to trigger an explosion of articles such as this one three or four years after the event stopped warranting the same level of enthusiasm.

      Steam sales are still worth checking out for myself. Almost everything goes onto some sort of sale so rather than hoping I check the site during the few days that the game I want is part of the mid week deals, I can just check when most of them will be on sale.
      There is generally still an event around them, however small they may seem to be compared to some of the previous ones. I still like getting myself the steam sale badge, even if it means nothing.
      I'm also curious to see how much they push the new explorers functionality and see what details come out during the sale.

        EDIT: Replied to wrong comment sorry Tigerion this was for AngoraFish

        I see your point.

        However what you are missing it is the only sale that is of its magnitude. Yes the discounts are the same as the week to week deals BUT instead of waiting week to week they all go on sale at once.

        In regards to your GST complaint I understand this as well. Unfortunately we need taxes, people want upgraded roads, infrastructure, healthcare and schooling but no one wants to pay for it. Sadly the only unavoidable things in life are death and taxes.

        TL;DR Steam sale is newsworthy as its the largest gaming sale on the most used platform. Taxes are unavoidable.

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          Nah, I agree with him, this isn't 'news', it's a regular occurrence and it's not even special or interesting.
          People can just open steam to see there's a sale on.
          I mean I don't really care, they can post whatever articles they want, but it's more interesting to have a discussion about how steam sales mean almost nothing anymore.

            There are more than two million Australian Steam accounts. It's news, even if people don't feel the sales are as good as they used to be.

          I would think that most of us have running wish lists nowadays and it's perfectly simple to either wait for the daily Steam "an item on your wish list is on sale!" emails, and/or to double check the historical low sale price at .

          With respect to my GST line, this was obviously just a throw-away to my main comment that the sale prices are pretty underwhelming. But regardless, in this case taxes are in fact very much avoidable, since there will inevitably be several online retailers with volumes too low to trigger the need to collect GST, and/or that are very easy to proxy into. Whether you choose to donate 10% on top of your sale price to the government, or not, at this point will depend entirely on your personal ethics just as it does for all those Australian corporations and investment vehicles incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

            Please keep an eye on us tomorrow too. We are Australian, pay all our taxes, sell only authorised codes and charge in AUD. We will have quite a few tasty deals coming up tomorrow, from about 10am. If we are anywhere close to Steam, please give us a go - papa needs a new pair of pants.

    Some time within the past year I came to decision that I don't need to buy any new games on Steam. I looked at a games list that contains >300 items, noted that I'd only moved ~50 of them into the "Finished" category - that lovely place that games go when I've viewed their entire narrative or have reached the endgame - and came to the conclusion that I need to get my house in order.

    To the rest of you, the best of luck and happy hunting.

    Steam sales are pointless for me now, and it's not just because I have most of what I want already. It's more that I can get games far cheaper at pretty much any time, and I can be charged in AUD instead. Steam is only ever worth purchasing from when the price is significantly discounted, or where the AUD is stronger. The fact that it's still USD for Australian regional pricing is ridiculous.

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