There's A Titanic Video Game, And It Is Legit

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Did you know there's a new Titanic video game? If you didn't, you might enjoy knowing that one is coming out next year. It's being built in Unreal Engine 4, and according to our resident Titanic experts in the office, it is legit AF.

Called Titanic: Honor and Glory, it's a game that supposedly remakes "the doomed ocean liner in full authenticity". It's built on Unreal Engine 4, because of course it is, and a 47 minute walkthrough appeared on YouTube this week.

The full game stars the player as a passenger just before they board the Titanic, letting you explore the ship in full and going through the details of everything on the ship. It's a Titanic nerd's dream, basically.

What's really fun about this has been the reactions from our office's resident Titanic nerds, whom I will now quote in full:

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god"

"They've got people in their right rooms."

"Roof. Look at the floor."

Titanic: Honor & Glory is due out next year. I will probably end up learning more about this game than I ever wanted to.


    Been following this for a while. These guys are putting in an obscene amount of effort to make it as historically accurate as they possibly can. It's pretty damn awesome based on the demos released so far, their attention to detail is incredible.

      Yeah, but will this be an actual game or merely a historically accurate walk-em-up?

        AFAIK there will be a 'game' where you escape the sinking.

    Not to belittle the effort the devs have put in, but I'd be more interested if they had this level of detail AND the ability to simulate the sinking from the POV of a passenger. They could even gamify it by making it a 'Find A Way To Escape The Titanic' from one of the lower decks.

      I used to read about the sinking back in the day. And let's just say an escape from the lower deck mini-game may not go down well.

      When the trouble started, one of the first things crew did on the ship was lock the entry points so the lower class passengers could not get to the upper decks.

      Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where the worst case scenario went with this.

        Yeah, that's what I'm thinking - it could be like a horror/survival game where you have to deal with locked doors, flooded sections, armed officers, hysterical passengers etc. There could even be morality choices involved.

          It's not just that, for historical accuracy the most likely outcome is the player drowns.

          A good number drowned not because they couldn't get to the (lack of) life boats. They were locked below deck and didn't even get to see that there were no lifeboats.

            Yeah, drowning or death by being shot or bludgeoned would be possible outcomes. There could be a part where, if you make it off the boat but fall/jump into the water, you have less than a minute to try and make it into a boat, and you can either be assisted/fended off by boats carrying people that you may have helped/condemned during the playthrough.

      They are planning to add in the sinking. This is just one of their demonstrations of their progress with modelling the ship.

      This is a long way from finished!

    There was another one back in the 90s (an adventure game involving time travel, spies, and changing world history), it even had its assets used in at least one documentary for illustratory purposes (it wasn't direct footage as the game was prerendered)

    I just want to recreate the part where Leo dies to see whether there was enough space on that door to save both of em.... To my thinking, the thing was half under water just with Rose on it, so how far into the icy brine does it sink with an extra 70kg's spread across it.

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