Here Are Some Bad E3 T-Shirts 

Here Are Some Bad E3 T-Shirts 

These appear to be just a few of the T-shirts being sold near the Los Angeles Convention Center where E3 is being held this week. Unlike in previous years, the event is open to the public this time, so naturally vendors are looking to make a buck by selling lazy merch.

Image credit: Ben Hanson

Game Informer‘s Ben Hanson spotted the above two textiles hanging inside a display window. Here’s the third:

The last one is actually available online at the official E3 merchandise store. For just $US18 ($24) you too can plumb the depths of gamer irony.

There’s also one riffing on Batman and another that mines Asteroids. “E3 Rock Star,” it’s titled, and in case you were wondering, it’s 100 per cent cotton and fitted at the bicep. Show off those guns and your gamer pride.

The only question I’m left with is whether Phil Spencer will somehow find a way to wear all three.


  • i see nothing out of the ordinary on these t-shirts that make them worse than any other t-shirts

  • Welcome to E3 where people struggle to find their calling or identity, and define themselves by what they consume, rather than what they create.

  • I can’t lie. If I walked past that ‘awesome gamer’ shirt I’d probably buy it ….

    A great shit-stir at wargaming events …

  • As someone who actually was at E3 some years ago..

    It’s not bad this year. It’s bad every year. Picked up souvenirs for the boys back at the office that was so bad I’ve still got them to this day because nobody took them off me.

    A limited edition Destiny T-shirt from the first press screenings though..

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