Here’s Another New Trailer For The Dark Tower

Here’s Another New Trailer For The Dark Tower

We’re getting more ever Dark Tower drip-fed to us before the movie’s mid-August launch, and the latest taste is a slightly more in-depth look at Idris Elba’s character Roland, the Gunslinger.

It’s not as detail-packed as the first trailer, but if you were on the fence about going to see it, this might tip you across the line.

The movie’s going to be a sequel to the Stephen King novels we’ve all read. The Dark Tower is out in Aussie cinemas on August 17. [YouTube]


  • Does this look good to the folks who’ve read the books? I don’t have much frame of reference here. The books are generally considered to be pretty decent, right?

    • No, it looks pretty bad. Thats my opinion and I would say general consensus. Difficult world to translate to film anyway if you ask me.

      • I’m steering clear of the trailers to avoid being let down. Have read a lot of negative views online coming from fans of the books. That being said, it is the internet, and people tend to rage and hate things a little more than in real life.

        We’ll see.

        Interesting that it’s a ‘sequel’ of sorts – well, if you’ve read the books you know what that really means.

    • Looks like a pretty generic special effects driven actioner to me. Might, or might not, be fun for some Saturday afternoon explosion candy but I can’t see anything here that might justify an official book tie-in.

    • its a sequel to the books, to explain how or why is too spoilery. So basically its new to everyone. so some fans are complaining because its not the books and because its all new they are complaining because you cant see X or Y scenes from the books. there is no reference to gauge how close it is.

      For me the cast is perfect. Visually it strikes the right tone. My only concern is they havent been clear whether this is a stand alone film or trilogy, so we dont know if our beloved characters who make the backbone of the tale will ever be seen. (they werent in the first book anyway).

    • Difficult to say. As a sequel it has an opportunity to play with the source material to a degree. And the tone appears to be quite solid…

      However, that’s largely irrelevant. I love this series – I literally have the first line to The Gunslinger tattooed on my forearm.

      I doubt it will be anywhere near as incredible as King envisioned… I only hope that Arcel hasn’t forgotten the face of his father 😉

    • As a avid fan of the saga I can say I am looking forward to this. The potential it has with being a sequel of sorts rather than a straight adaptation works much better, imo.

      Hopefully it’s a success and we get the rumored tie-in TV series / movie universe that can help expand the lore too.

  • We get a proper speed reload in this trailer, not just the midair thing from the last trailer. Makes me happy to see.

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