Here's July's PlayStation Plus Lineup

Scary horse!

Until Dawn and Game of Thrones headline PlayStation Plus' games lineup this month. July also sees some add-ons in addition to the usual roster of games. As always, these games are only free if you have a PlayStation Plus membership.

Here's July's PlayStation Plus lineup:


  • Until Dawn
  • Game of Thrones


  • Tokyo Jungle
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection


  • Element41
  • Don't Die, Mr. Robot (cross buy on PS4)

Additionally, from July 4 to October 24, subscribers can get That's You, a party game for PlayStation's new PlayLink feature, which connects the PS4 with a mobile device. From July 18 to August 17, they can also get a free pack of skins, currency, and other stuff for Orcs Must Die: Unchained, which goes into closed beta on July 18.


    Awww, yeah! I've been meaning to try out Tokyo Jungle for years! It'll also be cool to try out a Darkstalkers game, I'm rubbish at fighters, so it'll be fun to play it until I hit my skill ceiling (slightly above button mashing).

    Anyone who hasn't played Until Dawn yet is in for a treat. As pointed out in E3 with their next project, it works best if you pass n play with some friends. it really creates the same experience as an 80s horror movie night.

      Enjoy Tokyo Jungle. It's a great struggle trying to stay alive and complete objectives at the same time. Also, couch co-op! By the way, it IS possible for a pomeranian to take down a crocodile in this game, but you have to breed for many generations until you get a suitably strong and vicious specimen. I still haven't managed to take down a hippo with a pomeranian. I've managed a horse :-)

        Wait... what?

        This sounds like my sort of game, how did I miss it?

          My chicken once took down a sheep. It was a long and tough battle though...

            Oh man, thank the Gods I have Playstation Plus then. Definitely giving that a run once my Witcher 3 addiction reduces a little.

    This instalment of PS+ would almost be worth paying for it for a whole year. Until Dawn and Tokyo Jungle are great, as is Telltale's Game of Thrones.

    Haven't played the others, so looking forward to that.

    Wow that's a good month. Everyone should play Until Dawn, game is amazing. Tokyo Jungle is another good choice that people will no doubt have missed ;)

    I was always so close to pulling the trigger on Until Dawn. Happy i held out.

      It's like that sometimes. You hold off on something due to your backlog and new games you're more excited for. Then it's free ( kinda)

      Last edited 29/06/17 12:20 pm

    Awesome! I've been wanting to check out Until Dawn for some time. Looking forward to checking that one out.

    That is a great line-up. Been wanting to play Tokyo Jungle for a while.

    Nice, might have to jump back onto PSN (and also finally grab Elder Scrolls Online).

    I've already got the two PS4 titles. I loved Until Dawn, but that Telltale Game of Thrones game was one of the company's worst.

      That's not necessarily a big insult. Most devs wish they were as good as TTGs worst!

        The game felt lazy, and didn't quite capture the feel of the source material: sure lots of depressing things happen to people on Game of Thrones and characters die abruptly, but they generally have a glimmer of hope before tragedy strikes. Would the Red Wedding have been as shocking as it was if they hadn't bothered building up Robb as a credible threat to the Lanisters? This game had the tragedy, but felt like they skipped over the small victories that would help endear you to the characters.

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