Here's Some Of The Best Picks From GOG's Massive Sale

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E3 is coming around the corner and while that means it's time for announcements and lots of flashy trailers, it also means one other thing: discount time. Good Old Games has kicked off proceedings with some massive discounts on games, as much as 90 percent in some cases.

But not everything is worth your time. So to help out, here's the pick of the bunch from their latest sale.

The first thing to take note of is that any purchase will get you a free copy of Rebel Galaxy, which is a good incentive in itself if you like space games, trading and killer guitar riffs. And the combat from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, for that matter.

Otherwise, here's some of the choice picks:

Image: GOG

Grim Dawn: $16.79 (down from $33.59)
Dungeon Keeper 2: $2.09 (down from $8.09)
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete Edition: $4.49 (down from $13.49)
Age of Wonders 3: $8.59 (down from $33.99)
Dead Space: $5.99 (down from $29.99)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: $3.29 (down from $8.09)
Full Throttle Remastered: $11.99 (down from $14.99)
Day of the Tentacle Remastered: $6.69 (down from $19.99)
Sam & Max Hit The Road: $2.09 (down from $8.09)
King's Bounty: Warriors of the North: $5.09 (down from $20.19)
Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition: $6.79 (down from $26.89)
Hotline Miami: $2.09 (down from $13.49)
Oxenfree: $4.99 (down from $19.99)
Theme Hospital: $2.09 (down from $8.09)
Syberia: $1.39 (down from $13.49)
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood: $2.69 (down from $13.49)
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen: $11.99 (down from $29.99)

The list goes on, and on, and on. You can have a dig through it yourself, or the GOG Galaxy client if you use that.


    Doh! I bought Dungeon Keeper 2 only a fortnight ago via HumbleBundle. Shoulda got it through Gog :(

    I've been picking up some old favourites that I already own, just because they're making sure they run properly on the latest versions of Windows. For $2 it's worth buying it again rather than digging out the old box and trying to get it reinstalled and patched and running.

    Well from what I can see the cheapest way baring DLC to get rebel galaxy is to purchase Puzzle agent. Which is actually quite a good game, a very early telltale game.
    So for $0.73 you get puzzle agent and rebel galaxy if you are so inclined

      POSTAL: Classic and Uncut is available for 19c US. I can confirm that Rebel Galaxy is awarded for the purchase.

        Ahhhh good point. I saw that there but it is in my list of games that I would refuse to buy so skipped over it to see what else I could find

        Gaming companies with cheap rubbish games will suddenly get a big spike in their sales!

    son of a.. i bought rebel galaxy 2 weeks ago on steam grr

      Good news - rebel galaxy is totally worth the money anyway ^_^

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