Here's Super Mario Odyssey In Co-Op

Image: Nintendo

The idea of having someone control Cappy exclusively in Super Mario Odyssey sounds a bit ... not great, actually. It reminds me a little of games where one player has all the fun and the second player does all the shit jobs. Nonetheless, if you're keen to see what Odyssey looks like in co-op, here's almost 29 minutes of action.

The co-op mode looks a little reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy, where one player could control a star pointer on the screen to gather bits and pieces. Super Mario 3D World is really the sort of co-op action people are after.

Odyssey isn't that. Still, the option might be fun for some people and it could be handy for parents playing with their kids. Here's what it looks like.

I think I'll stick to singleplayer, myself. What about yourselves?


    It's better than the co-op in Galaxy where a second player could use their pointer to pick up those star things.... i guess.

    This game will still be great.

    What? Mario has a friend named Cappy with freakishly looking eyes are you serious? Well I never heard of Mario's cap friend named Cappy but we'll wait and see what the game has to offer when it comes out in October later this year.

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